The Extraordinariness Of The Ordinary

The Extraordinariness of the Ordinary

The ordinary is too often undervalued.

Ask those who'd been in the Katrina aftermath.

Ask those who'd lost a loved one.

Ask those whose time together is disrupted due to war.

Ask those who long for stability.

It's nice to just appreciate what we have, be cozy, and grateful, and just 
be, like cats.

To know that every person and every other being could have the chance to 
experience this exquisite feeling of being comfortable, of having enough space, of enough food and water, enough of everything needed, would be wonderful wouldn't it?

What would your soul feel like if it could open up and give that to every 
being on earth?

What would you, personally, give up to allow this to happen?

Would you share more?

Would you ask your governments to share more?

Would you be willing to have fewer cars? Fewer homes? Fewer of the non-necessities of life in order that everyone could prosper?

That would be great.

If we all would decide that too much is not necessary.

That enough is enough.

And that we'd all like to combine, to share, to care!

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