Throwing Their Own Babies Out With The Bathwater


The oddest thing about present administration is that, in their rush to claim 
power for themselves, they apparently love the ideology of saving babies more than they actually love their own babies. Or their babes' babies. Or theirs - if anyone will survive to that point.  If the Republicans continue the way they're donig - if we allow that by being complacent - then there will be no future for any of us.

Yes. This is a fact.

The fierce o nslaught that the Bush league is driving forward with the fervor 
of a holy war is fuelled not o nly by the oil industry and by their own rapacious 
and insatiable greed, but also by the religiosity of fundamentalist Christianity 
whose major aim is to stop abortion � (an aim EcoMermaid shares with 
them, although we advocate a much saner method of fixing world misery.- We 
endorse the forgotten notion of thinking first - see for more 

on this.)

This is a noble goal.

No o ne who is being honest can argue against the fact that abortion as a birth 
control method is wrong.

And yet, there are other ways of saving babies that the Republicans are overlooking.

Do they all firmly believe that the world is coming to an end, anyway ? Not because of their actions, but just because some mis-interpreted scripture has said so Rather, the bad translations of the originals that they've politicized just to gain power have said so.

That it is part of the holy plan ?

Is this why they so hurridly race to destroy the entire world ? To go after 
even the endangered species ?

To answer their screen of religiosity, God�s time may be very different 
from our own.

But God�s plan is obviously very different from theirs.

Their fanatical zeal at face and their real goal of gaining ever more plunder 
has pushed them o nto the dark path, away from the Love and Protection of innocence 
that any true religion follows.

The fact that the health, the survival, and the happiness of their own offspring 
and their offspring seems to have been lost in their lust for power.

Where is the love they, as parents and grandparents, should feel for their 
own babies ?

Why are they condemning not o nly their own, but countless other innocent
babies of all kinds to a world filled with torrential and devastating natural 
upheavals, cataclysmic pestilence, and foul air and water at the very least ?

Why do they not care about the quality of life for their own families, even 
if they are callous to the misery of all others in the world ?

Do they actually think that their wealth accumulation will safeguard their 
own against the overwhelming pollution their actions are causing ?

Do they understand that with every tree felled by their land despoiling they 
are cutting their own throats off from oxygen ?

This is something that a spiritual being should ponder.

Are the right-wingers religious to the exclusion of all spirituality ? or 
do they merely offer lip-service to religion � use it to further their 
aims, fooling their followers ?

It must be so.

How else to explain their wrath and disdain for the lives of their own kin, 
even if, as Christianity teaches, they do not feel the universal kindship 
with all creatures, all nations, all as brethren, they do not even feel love 
for the children they themselves have created and purport to love ?

The Prince of Peace they espouse to adore is pained by them.

Jesus Wept.

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