Reality Check

Reality Check

On reading about the childhood and youth of Caligula, i was struck with the 
similarity of abuse cycles all over the world and throughout history. At how 
criminals in all levels are alike, and how whether attaining dictatorship 
or merely dissolving in o ne�s own morass of seething resentments, self-implosion 
and suicidal urges, turned outward at times, create yet another human we�d 
like never to see again.

At how the children now being bombed are carrying o n the cycle of hatred 
and fear begun in 1948, when another nation was erected o n top of an ancient 
one by the superpowers, starting the first of many wars, and how generation 
after generation sees new terrorists being born.


They themselves are terrified.

To stop terror, end terror.

To stop tribalism and religious warfare, cultural bias, end tribalism and 

End ethnic racism.

End political polarization.

Begin communication.

Stop bombing and start peaceful overtures.

Find solutions.

I realize that terrorism has given a handy tool to those in power, o ne utilized 
successfully to gain hold over the huge populations of Rome by Caligula himself, 
and utilized by countless other politicians and leaders throughout the ages.

America was supposed to be different, however.

Somehow our values which had before pushed in the opposite direction have 
been diverted toward vilifying whole cultures, whole religions, and whole 
regions of people.

People bewildered about what they, themselves, personally have done to us.

People who wonder where justice for them lies.

People like us, like all the others in the world.

People who merely want to live peacefully, practice their religions, run their 

Yes, the fundamentalists everywhere- including those in our own country- 
have everything in common, except the exact angle of worshipping, in this 
case, the very same God.

The God of Islam is the same as that of Judaism and that of Christianiry.

The differences are o nly in the person or godship of Jesus, and the prophet 
status of Muhammed.

Other than the law-base and ethnicity of Judaism, the mysticism and inclusionary 
nature of Christianity,

and the blend of both law and mysticism of Islam.

Their differences are really very few. Their similarities, plus the same 
location of their holy shrines should bring them closye worship 

Moderation by all governments in the region, the assignment of real boundaries 
of settlements, and real attempts at rapport should help.

Israel is taking steps to confine its� settlements to the bounds earlier 
agreed upon.

This should take much of the pressure off the area.

Also, the replacement of some fundamental governments in some of the Arabic-speaking 
nations should help.

By the way, for the billions who might not know, due to the stupidity of 
even newscasters and journalists � 

�Semitic:, is a linguistic term. Included in its� category are 
the Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Amharic languages.

Since Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, ( whose real name was �Issa�), 
is now a dead language, it leaves o nly these three languages spoken today.

To call an Arabic-speaker an anti-Semiteis ludicrous, and yet we hear this 
sort of ill-educated nonsense everyday in the news and from our politicians 
and religious leaders.

Also, so-called,�Arabs�-, if they do not live in Saudi Arabia, 
they are not �Arabs�.racially, although �racially� 
is now an unused term, the people in broad areas of the world stretching from 
Morocco in the west to Pakistan in the east are so diverse as to include numerous 
peoples, countries, langauges, cultures, and religions- therefore, it is simply 
ignorant ever to use the term,�Arab�, except to describe the inhabitants 
of the Saudi Arabian peninsula, period.

It would be like billions of people referring to Americans as �English�, 
simply because we happen to speak as our primary language the English language, 
and to associate all Americans as English, racially, when in fact we are made 
up of many diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. So it is with all the Arabic-speaking 
nations. The primary language and primary religion are all they, as in America, 
have in common.

The dummying-down of Americans is all-too-apparent.

Simplification of cultures, religions, and countries is as impossible as 
the simplification of an individual.

To understand a region, or a single city, o ne must study the zeitgeist of 
the subject.. (�zeitgeist�,a German word which English, a very 
limited language with far too few words, has nothing to translate to, meaning 
the atmosphere, the history, the beliefs, of a region and a time, a clime 
of an area, including political, artistic, all the variables which make up 
the complexity of a place and time and which all journalists and historians 
should be well acquainted with before launching into any opinions o n anything.)

Basically, to simplify an impossibly complex situation, we all would like 
to see women and children treated well, and women treated equally, although 
they aren�t in our own country of America, Did you know that the average 
sentence for a woman who kills her husband is three times longer than for 
a man who kills his wife?

You do know that women are still paid much less than men for the same job, 
even though by far more women must support children with their wages, don�t 

To end terrorism, to come together as o ne world, will take the rational, 
cool-headed, and logical approach that diplomacy traditionally employs to 
defuse the emotional rhetoric, the self-interest fabrications, the religiosity 
of fanatics, and to address the social reforms so much needed in all countries 
of the world.

Add to these the most pressing problem of the environment, and you see a 
world in denial.

The emergency mode should have been called long ago in order to arrest the 
suicidal destruction we�re doing each second to our own, our o nly, home- 
our planet, Sea.

Terrorism is o ne other of those endemic problems caused basically by the 
nature of the human being, if not intentionally harnessed by logic, will, 
and ture, unbiased spirituality.

By the obsessiveness inherit in the need to force everyone to conform to 
one�s own ideas or o ne�s own religion, by the dogmatic ruses used 
by leaders to control and influence masses of populations, by the group hysteria 
so ably created by our own news industries in order to sell media and ads 
to consumers, and by the sheer ignorance of so many millioins of people.

Like the lemmings, we, when forced into overpopulation, as we are now, by 
irrationality, even though we have the tools to stop over-breeding, we begin 
to do ever more suicidal actions. The tools to stop rampant procreation need 
not include abortion � a terrible action and o ne no o ne should sanction 
� we have not o nly very good pills, but morning after dosages, we can 
find our cycles of fertility quite easily, and the easy procedure � 
obtaining a vasectomy is now an in-office and quick procedure � not 
to mention the good old stand-bys like condoms and creams, as long as at least 
two forms are used at o nce, that is � all canmake overpopulation a thing of the 
past if we will just use our brains !

Then, the individual needs to examine his or her own life goals and see how 
much better most lives would be if more would choose to remain child-free.

And if more of those who truly wish to parent would choose instead of breeding 
to adopt o ne of the countless millions of starving children suffering around 
the world today.

Think of it � then most children would be planned, and wanted, and safe, 
and those little Caligulas would not be created by bad environments any longer.

There are ways to save the world.

All of us can pitch in and find solutions.

Use your head !

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