Ocean's Four-Fold Plan To Save Our Planet

Ocean's Four-Fold Plan to Save the Planet

Ocean's Plan to Save the World

We need not just answers, but new ways to find those answers. 
This is the real mission , for which we need not only 
radical individual creativity, but radical collective engagement.

In order to share ideas with those who truly wish to save our planet, and 
not just posture or speculate,in order for we who care to combine, we must have first a meeting place, a forum like zaadz for instance,with many different types of thinkers and creative forces.

Some lead with their hearts, and others with their minds. Some are the products 
of certain schools of thought and other float freely between dogma.

Some are here to help others and others are here to lead.

The fact that you used the pivotal word, "radical", is the reason 
I have chosen to post on this.

It will take a radical stance and radical actions to save our planet at this 

I believe it will not only take being child-free, and for those who yearn 
for a child to adopt rather than to bear, in order to curtail the massive 
human overpopulation now weighting down the planet to such extremes.

Any further population assaults on the world will completely strip its' already 
meagre stores and potentialities.

Our population has outdistanced the planetary resources, just as our antiquated 
mores and religiosities, our tribalism and machoism and imperialistic compulsions
have been outdistanced by our ever-increasing technology, giving us ever more 
dangerous and polluting toys with which to destroy our only home.

That is the first aspect of a plan to actually save the planet.

The second is to adopt a vegan diet universally. In order that the land now 
usurped by the meat industry for grazing, be requisitioned for grain-growing, 
which would easily feed the world, we need to go vegan now.

The meat industry accounts for much air, water, and other pollutions, in addition 
to pouring toxins and death into the bodies of those who consume our fellow 
animal brethren, plus destroying the native compassion in us by making us 
immune to the sufferings of innocent beings.

Next, would be ecoizing the planet by enacting plans to re-plant trees and 
of course, to find alternate systems of fuel.

Much self-denial will be exacted from us anyway, as the planetary resources 
become more and more scarce and human overpopulation gets worse and worse, 
so if we are to save the planet, we need to take each choice seriously in 

To consume less and to give more.

The posiitions I'm asking everyone to adopt are not popular ones YET and yet 
they are the o nly measures that will save our world.

To stop living in denial, in our soft, cozy thoughts that someone else will 
do it, that it's not really that bad, that things will work out, is our first 
problem to address.

Seeing clearly requires a reality check that most may prove too weak to handle.

I hope, for everyone's sake, that they will listen.

There is a four-fold plan that will absolutely save the world, if instituted 
universally very, very soon, while there's still time -

1. Veganize

2. Be Child-Free

3. Ecoize

4. Create Diplomatic Solutions Internationally - Think Globally

1. Veganize

Veganize to Save the Planet

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival 
of life o n Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetable-based diet."

-Albert Einstein

"If Americans were to reduce their meat consumption by o nly 10 per 
cent for o ne year, it would free at least 12 millions tons of grain for human 
consumption - or enough to feed 60 million people... Indeed, if Americans 
were to stop eating grain-fed beef altogether the grain thus released would 
be enough to feed all the 600 million people in India. -Peter Singer, Author

Do you want the planet to survive? Do you want for all the starving childrn 
in the world to thrive? Do you want all the over-fed children to survive?

Do you actually care for the spiritual? For Compassion? For others? Do you 
care about the cruel suffering inflicted upon helpless, sweet beings?

Veganizing from a Spiritual Perspective

Suppose you met a soul who was unable to speak quite legibly, who was naive, 
trusting, and not quite as bright as yourself. Would you treat him with kindness? With respect?
What if he were in fact helpless. Would you offer sympathy, compassion? Pity, 
at least?
Treat him with mercy?

You meet him every day in many forms- this innocent, helpless soul,

As the innocent and helpless victims of the most horrendous aspect of our 
society, the most helpless of all beings, the victims of the meat industry.

The most shameful legacy of our shameful era, factory farming has taken the 
already cruel practice of eating fellow mammals and taken it to a level far 
beyond evil.

In the interest of profit for the handful of owners, every shred of decent 
behaviour extended to these utterly dependent and feeling beings has been 
stripped away.

Few laws protect them, and of those, most are ignored.

In many states, even inspection in to their torture chambers is not allowed.

Why would they - the raisers, the o nes who make profit off the untold misery 
of totally innocent animals - why would they not want for their warehouses, 
their transporters, and, particularly, their butcheries, to be seen? o nly 
if they are not complying with the minimal laws which are in place would they 
seek to hide their doings like criminals.

One does not act guilty if there has not been a crime.

The fact that they do not ensure either that the animals in their care are 
either raised humanely, transported humanely, or even killed humanely.

We, the people, we, the Americans, have a voice in this. We, the citizens of the World, have the choice in this.

We must use it to aid the sentient, suffering beings at the very bottom of 
society- the animals raised and murdered for food.

We need to make sure that the cruelest of people are not allowed to continue 
their clandestine outrages against the o nes who, in Issac Bashevis singer's 
words are 'totally inoffensive' animals.

We must be their voice.

'If ye have done it unto the least of them, you have done it unto me.'

The words of Jesus apply to all these souls, the very most helpless of our 
world. Jesus himself chose not o nly to be born among them- the barnyard animals, 
the least of society- our greatest victims, - but he also chose to be called 
'the Lamb'.

Veganizing from a Personal Life Enhancement Angle

Do you like to live? To be hot? To stay youthful? To be healthy and vital, 
energetic and attractive?

Do you want to be able to, with every part of your being, with your body, 
soul, mind, and heart, with your spirit, be able to say that you are aliened? 
Whole? That what your mind knows and your heart feels - that it's wrong, wrong, 
wrong to shove innocent fellow animals into horrible, small complexes that 
make the idea of hell a reality and then to murder them in atrocious conditions 
- that it's wrong to take the acres needed to grow grain that would keep countless 
starving children alive by growing grain instead of feeding grazing herds 
of cattle - would you like to have all of you - mind, soul, heart, body - 
aligned in knowing that by your every meal, your every day of being alive, 
that you are living in compassion and righteousness?

Your entire life will change into a glowing, beauteous exercise in power, 
stamina, energy, and spiritualness that you have never before had access to 
when you decide to go vegan.



2. Be Child-Free and/or Adopt

Think of the world as o ne household. The house is small, the income fixed, 
and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, 
and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will 
suffer and each will have less food, they will put o ne out to starve, close 
the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children, if 
they have any compassion or caring.

Eco Child Free

Stop Human Overpopulation


Child Fix

3. Ecoize

Ecoize to Keep the Planet Alive

Ecoize and You Will Thrive

With your heart, make every choice in life.

Choose to buy o nly planet-friendly, vegan, compassionate products.

Seek them out.

Get lists of who does and who doesn't test o n animals, like these -



Boycott cruelty-based industries.

find lists here


Find out how to use o nly green products and where to buy them.

Even with pests - learn how to deal with them respectfully and compassionately 

Insects Are Cool

Tread lightly during your stay o n earth, your spirit will lighten too, as well as your body.

4. Create Diplomatic Solutions Internationally - Think Globally

Insist on diplomatic rapport, on unilateral discussions, on peaceful conclusions 
to all problems in the world among nations, within nations, and other cultures.

Insist that religiosity stay out of politics.

Insist on logical thought, problem-solving, and in finding answers.

Find common denominators. Focus on what we have in common.

Diminish the differences. 

Seek to communicate with all and insist that our governments do the same.

Vote with your conscience.

Vote with your determination to save our planet.

Vote with your dollars and your voice every day. Boycott where necessary.

Email and join campaigns, lobby, spread the word. Use your power.

If you feel that war is wrong, voice your feelings and your morality.

If you don't, then examine your soul, and follow the money - find out who 
war benefits and who it destroys.

Find out which industries excel at making profits on war and basically, follow 
the themes, the threads, and decide how you want your tax dollars to be spent 
and how your conscience feels about it, and then become active in effecting 

If you do not step up to create change, you are part of the problem - not 
part of the solution.

Become active.

Do something every day to help innocent victims, to help starving children, 
to help helpless animals, to help struggling adults, to help save trees and 
wildlife and wild lands, to help create green industries to take over from 
the cruel ones, to learn more and more about how your power right now can 
save the world - and by every meal, by every purchase, by every thought - 
be compassionate.

This will save the planet.

Act now!