The Elephant In The Room - Human Overpopulation

The Elephant in the Room - On Human Overpopulation

It seems so very obvious that human overpopulation is the cause of our world's 
demise, along with so much misery, that it's sad that we must notice this 
phrase and actually see it.

And why do you suppose that the elephant in the room - human overpopulation 
- is studiously ignored by all the news, all the media, and everyone else?

Is it mere courage?

We're here at Eco Child Free standing up for the planet, so join us! Sign up 
for the EcoEzine and get active in saving our planet!

Imagine the globe from afar. Notice that even if a relatively small population 
or even half of the world's population was all of us that existed, then the 
planet could still function on the way we now pollute.

Conversely, if an enormous population of humans, such as actually does exist 
today, only polluted in the way they did a hundred years ago, notice that 
the world could not sustain the pollution of so many people, largely due to 
the constant destruction to our world habitat, the constant felling of trees 
for wood, for building materials and for food, and as the population would 
steadily increase if unabated universally, the world would still be in the 
fix it is in now.

Going eco, in short, won't save the world, without extreme constraints o n 
humans overpopulating as the main aim.

Over six billion now, what do you think the population will be in ten years? 

If not stopped right now, the misery we see, the wars, the pollution and the 
resulting climactic catastrophes, the human overpopulation will be so huge 
and the effects so astronomical that it will be too late to save anything 
or anyone.

Act now!

Go Child-Free yourself and urge others to! 

Adopt rather than bear.

Popularize both!

Be supportive of anyone who is brave enough to be child-free and/or to adopt 
rather than breeding.

Let's�PlanetFix�today! �





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