Veganize To Stay Alive

Veganize to Keep Alive
Veganize to Keep Our Planet Alive
Veganize to Compassionize
Veganize to Solve the World's Problems - See
Veganize to Ecoize
Veganize to Happyize too

With global warming now having caused an enormous chunk of Antarctica to break off, and now to float in the Southern Seas, we hope the powers will scramble to put our survival and that of the planet as a whole in the forefront.

It's like lifting a rock off of two warring tribes of ants, wielding it menacingly over them all, and having them only lock horns on each other, in denial, continuing to fight for all they're worth.

We saner individuals are going to combine into a cohesive force of voting power and to demand that Vegan foods become the mainstay, that Compassion rule, that Animals, our kindred, are all treated kindly and humanely, and that Eco become the standard way of doing everything, plus we who care about the planet and in preserving it will stay child-free and those who feel the need to parent will adopt some of the millions of starving kids already on the planet, rather than procreating more to add to the burden the world is already tottering in desperation over.

Our resources and our numbers do not coincide. 
Human population is the number one devastation we must confront.


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Let's all get together and Save the World!