Human Rights

Human Rights are Allied with All Other Animal Rights

There aren't many articles having the human rights subject, and mentioning the fact that we are a specie of animals, and that animal rights are allied with human rights.
And yet,all of us are animals.
It should be close to our hearts, and our allegiance should be to all our animal family first, before splintering into our own specie - especially since our shared fates depend upon the home we all live on - this fragile planet.

The animal rights activists, like me, stand very firmly on the compassionate 
issues for human beings too.

To be compassionate is to extend that compassion to every being, including 
those of our own specie.

We are all one.

There are many, many organizations that help humans - although none is doing enough. However - at the same time that they help, most are helping in ways that will not sustain nurturance of these hungry populations or change things, and they are doing so using cruelty measures that introduce even more problems and continue to ruin the planet's environmental systems.

We must stand up for many different issues all at once.

I, as an animal rights activist, would like to combine all of the compassionate measures into one organization.

The drive toward Ecoizing , toward Veganizing, toward Spiritualizing, and 
toward Humanizing is all the same drive, when viewed clearly.

The cure for the entire planet is compassion.

How? How does it lead to saving the starving people in Africa?

Compassion lets us understand that all these issues are vitally related:

Human Overpopulation

  Solution - Being Child-Free and/or Adopting 

Ecological Issues

  Solution - Veganizing

Spiritual Issues

  Solution - Veganizing, Being Child-Free and/or Adopting

Health Issues 

  Solution - Veganizing

How will these intertwine and save the world and suffering of all animals, 
including humans?

Eating compassionate foods means reclaiming the land now used for grazing by the meat industry, and farming grains and vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds organically.

Stopping pesticides and grazing and halting the meat industry will stop huge 
amounts of air, water, and land pollution, and growing grain can easily feed 
everyone on earth.

Eating and living compassionately heals not only the spirit, but creates 
sanity and receptivity in the mind and the emotions, supplying adequate nutrition, vitamins, and all the requirements of health for humanity.

This spirituality will open the doors to great rapport between nations and 
individuals of different cultures, and we will find solutions that bridge 
the gaps beteen the haves and the have-nots.

Adopting rather than bearing children will not only create a human population that the planet can live with, but it will create a spiritual enlightenment among people, and will take care of all the children that are now starving in the world.

Education and adequate birth control will help tremendously.

Vasectomies should be rewarded and popularized, for instance.

Also, read Ecoeat and the links and explore how Veganizing 
will save our planet, and read Eco Child Fre
for more on this mandatory issue.

To do more than a band-aid-like gesture, and something to make the developed nations feel good, extreme changes will be necessary.

Every year, there is great need in many regions of the world for the human 
populations, and the Western nations, who traditionally used to send grain, 
now do not have the grain to send, due to the fact that the meat industry 
has taken over the land, the commerce, and the culture, and not enough people demonstrate that they care.

Also, as the humans continue to overpopulate, and as disease casualties continue to rise, those in the more stable areas continue to embrace apathy.

The problems are immense.

The cures are enormously challenging, and yet, if we do actually love humanity, the world, the other species, and ourselves, we will need to start right now to change the world.

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