More On Human Overpopulation

More On Human Overpopulation

Why is the world in such a predicament? Why are people starving at ever-greater rates as others gather ever more wealth into ever-fewer hands? 
Human overpopulation is the key to healing the planet.
And why do people choose not to address this problem?

Part of the reason is denial.
Peoples' noses glued to grindstones, as the corporate powers have caused, since most classes of societies can hardly keep afloat financially.
Partly, it's the progaganda machines churning out their lies and most focusing on their own little spheres of control for feelings of safety, like a drowning man clinging to a piece of a broken ship.
All the stupid talk of other planets, of aliens of governmental inventions has purposefully led the idiots to believe there might be some solution.
Others focus on another world and "translating" ,as the "rapture" enthusiasts, who live to see the goody-goodies glorified while the less-than-goody-goodies they hope will be eternally punished. They actually believe this.
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other reasons are traceable directly to greed and dog-eat-dogism, and even the ones who have kids don't care what they'll have to deal with in ther future, quite obviously.
There is a power grab going on, and much of it is racially-motivated, as different "ethnic groups", since we're not allowed to call it what it is, in our politically-correctism - anyway, like any packed-in and overpopulation-threatened animal, we're panicing already - the blood is boiling and we're sniffing out ways to survive - all of us.
The more organized groups had started decades ago with plans for their own group to survive - some along nation lines, some along other lines.
If this sounds like sci fi, then good, since it also has influenced out collective thinking patterns.
If it sounds paranoid, then, great, too, since paranoia and fear for the future is a natural and logical response to what is going on.
If it smells like sh** - it is - tons of it going into the waters, more over-flowing through the mouths of politicians who front and are paid by corporations, and, as one doctor i know said, people are all ill already from the enormous environmental pollution we all live in now.
Why are kids developing early? Because air pollution and other pollutants along with the main reason - meat-eating, - meat, filled with all kinds of drugs, hormones, and foul bacteria and fungi that all dead bodies reek with, have caused the endocrine systems of those who eat other animals' dead bodies and are wreaking havoc.
The pollution in the air and water contribute to this too.
In short, the entire planet has AIDS - autoimmune-deficiency disease, and all we're offering are a few band-aids so far.

Yes, China has come forward, had early on recognized that they could not feed their huge masses of people - a fact that we have not yet recognzied, even while famine and wars over resources have raged in Africa and the Middle East (why are we there? Oil, of course, and control of regions), have demonstrated that the world cannot feed the human overpopulation.
America has slammed China for this very sane reaction to overpopulation.
Why? It's the only sane thing to do!

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Think of the world as one household. The house is small, the income fixed, and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will suffer and each will have less food, they will put one out to starve, close the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children. 
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We're already overrun with people, scampering, clammoring, fighting over space, trying to dominate each other, jockeying for position, and the only sane ones are saying - STOP - THINK - COMBINE - TALK - CREATE PEACEFUL WORLD SOLUTIONS TOGETHER - AND MAINLY, CONTROL HUMAN POPULATION!

Nothing less will save the world.