On Overpopulation And Human Behavior

On Overpopulation and Human Behavior

Humans, first of all, are just like all the other animals.

We're all individuals, from sand fleas to whales.

Humans are indivudlas, each a unique collection of design and potential, of 
cells, of DNA patterns, and of experience influenced by resources, circumstances, 
free time, level of education, and thought.

Many choose not to think.

Only fifteen percent of humans are capable of leadership.

The rest follow. This is just a fact.

Given that, then going on to our most pressing problem and the very reason 
our world is dying - human overpopulation.

Quality of life is lost already for the individual, awash in a flood of other humans wherever we live.

When any animal population gets out of hand, huge changes begin to ensue.

Suicidal urges predominate. Bad tempers. All the rest you'd anticipate.

But our already insectile behavior when in groups - after all, we as all other 
primates are meant to live in o nly small bands, and that's the o nly way humans 
are comfortable - becomes more pronounced with large populations, with some 
of the "queen bees" at the top of the hive being in control and/or 
adored, or at least obeyed, and other ranks in descending order stuffed into 
piles of varying degrees of complacency, complicity, and contentment.

The more people, the more domination by the groups of largest number and 

Other factors are mind control, mass media, fear-based mass psychosis - witness 
the hysteria casued by o ne catastrophe which in reality casued no more deaths 
than the average day where in South America alone, that many people die of 
malaria - and watch how it was used to whip an entire nation into a frenzy 
of xenophobia, war, compliancy in hitherto unheard-of presidential powers, 
and even more corporate grabs of power.

To be aware of the problem, maybe more can do something to fix it.

This is why i consistently urge everyone to be child-free.

Human overpopulation is the real menace.

Only getting our population down to manageable numbers again will bring back 
the planet, quality of life, compassion for our fellow beings including other 
human groups, and a real return to democracy.