License To Breed

The Need for a License to Breed

It's long since our planet has needed for all the world's nations to enact not only a license to breed for humans, but one for other species that are overpopulated, and to stop endorsing breeding as some sort of "individual right", when the rest of us have to pull the load of the irresponsible others, while they procreate indiscriminately and so overburden the world that life for all people and for all the other members of every specie has been threatened so horribly as to cause us all to fear for the continuation of any life, let alone quality of life.

As in the Child Fix Questionnaire, the concept that most people are not even marginally qualified to care for a child - monetarily, emotionally, behaviorally, or in any other way is something that, in the face of six billions teeming, struggling human organisms writhing on the face of our fragile planet, kiilling it, we as a group need to start addressing this as THE primary world problem.

As with the ants, whose behavior and organizational lifestyles we most resemble among our fellow animal species, we concentrate instead on either our immediate circumstances and families or on the seperate anthils that make up our - always warring - nations.

Since we are faced with the fate of the collective dictating the outcome of our own individual survivals, let alone that of all the other anmials, whether we like it or not, it is time to think globally on every single issue.

To achieve the ends of bringing this forward and of addressing it in time, we'd like to ask everyone who cares about the world and cares about the quality of life for all - who cares about the starving millions of people already caught in the grip of the human overpopulation crisis - to contact us -, or send us your own articles to post, 
and to tell us you're interested in proclaiming to the governments that measures should be taken to at least address the reality of human overpopulation and to discuss the creation of a license to breed.

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Start asking questions.
Why should we, the taxpayers, for instance, be held responsible for the care-taking of others' offspring?
Especially since a full 42% of American women, (and it's constantly rising!) do not have children? And a much higher percentage of American men do not.
That clearly puts the child-free into the majority!

Why should we pay for those who have had children without the slightest regard for their futures? Without resources even to feed and clothe and house them?
Why should't there be a license to breed, wherein people must demonstrate their ability to care for their own children?

This might sound elitist to some, but the concept is really to present the realities in a formal way. 
Naturally, compassion would dictate that kids not cared for would still be cared for, but to bring up the issues of whose responsibility they are is to focus attention on the fact that just breeding children is not enough - they need much more in life.

Speaking only about the more developed nations, of course, if we started state-by-state, and introduced measures that would create awareness of the fact that most are unqualified to parent, that at least they should take a test first, would bring peoples' minds into alignment with the idea that children are important.

With dogs and cats, billions of sweet and loving, adorable and precious lives are lost every year. 
Many to wandering in streets, many others through starvation or miserable diseases, being beseiged by blood-sucking infestations, or freezing or overheating by lack of shelter.
Most end up being euthanized - and not always in even a humane manner at ALL! Don't think that your tax dollars are always being spent o�n kind ways. They're simply not! - on metal tables in the backs of stinking shelters, scared to death and pleading for their lives.
Oh, yes, they know what's in store.

Why are they killed? Because the human beings have not even advanced enough in our developed nations to create public laws - except in a very few progressive counties and states - that demand that all pets be neutered.
The ones who make their money by breeding these hapless beings are made, rightly, to pay large fees for that abuse of all things sacred.

Those fees need to be much higher in order to tax these worthless people who make money on breeding already much overpopulated species go out of business.

If we are so primitive that we have not even properly addressed the overpopulation of dogs and cats, then why do we expect for the issue of human overpopulation to be addressed?

Whether our world is saved, whether children keep being born in the billions and whether most live in extreme misery and millions more starve every year, as is happening now, at least can we begin to bring up this problem in our conversations? on our postings? In our emails to our governing bodies?

Don't just let the world continue to suffer and die like a victim of AIDS, but completely unaided, as we human parasites infest it and kill it slowly like the fleas and ticks on a helpless dog or cat.

Do something!

Start to Speak Up! To Act!

And make sure that a License to Breed is on your agenda.

Make sure that people can pass the qualifications required as below before they be allowed to breed:

Child Fix Eco Child Free Questionnaire

1. Do you have a stable household with a partner ?

2. Do you have at least several hundred thousand in the bank and insurance adequately covered to take car of that child and a substitute parent in case you die ?

3. Do you have alternate plans for a stable household in case you and your 
partner die ?

4. Have you decided who will take active care of your child if something happens and you need to work or if you work already ?

5. Have you had hands-on experience of at least a week, twenty-four hours 
a day attending along with a new mother the care of a newborn ? 
Of a toddler ? 
Of a rambunctious eight-year-old ? 
Of an unruly teen ?

6. What exactly are your reasons for wanting a child ?

7. What if any expectations do you have of the proposed child ?

8. What behaviors do you demand of anyone in your proximity?

9. Have you finished with your traveling ?

10. Have you finished with your nights out and your partying ?

11. Are you ready - should circumstances dictate - to let go of 
all the fringe benefits of your life and donate all your time and resources 
for the rest of your life to someone you have not yet met and with whom you ight have personality conflicts, or who might meet with an accident and be an impediment needing all your time and resources? is your committment absolute and unconditional?

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