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Eco Child Free Pledge

I love the world, all its’ people, all other animals and our environment.

I love the seas, the mountains, the air, the fresh water and our resources.

I pledge to remain Child-Free – to make absolutely sure by utilizing vasectomy or by making sure any partners of mine have had vasectomies, and until then, to utilize more than two types of birth control at a time, regardless the convenience.

To take sex seriously and to only engage in it while completely sober.

Life and death are involved with sex. Mine, yours, and the potential for creating an innocent life.

I Promise to either remain Child-Free or to adopt one of the starving millions of children who need me.

By my life, by my choices, I promise to think of our world as a whole, to be compassionate and to seek to make the world a better place by my own presence here.

And - Thinking of Having a Baby ?

Ask Yourself These Imporant Questions First:

Thinking of having a baby ? Read Child Fix first and take the questionnaire above.

Think of the world as one household. The house is small, the income fixed, and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will suffer and each will have less food, they will put one out to starve, close the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children.

ChildFix Questionnaire

1. Do you have a stable household with a partner ? (Remember, it takes at least two stable, solvent people to raise a child in case o ne defaults, dies, or becomes incapacitated. )

2. Do you have at least several hundred thousand in the bank and insurance adequately covered to take car of that child and a substitute parent in case you die ?

3. Do you have alternate plans for a stable household in case you and your partner die ? You know, don't you, that our government will not take care of your child. It's up to you.

4. Have you decided who will take active care of your child if something happens and you need to work or if you work already ? Day care is not free, it's horrible, and unsafe.

5. Have you had hands-on experience of at least a week, twenty-four hours a day attending along with a new mother the care of a newborn ? Of a toddler ? Of a rambunctious eight-year-old ? Of an unruly teen ?

6. What exactly are your reasons for wanting a child ?

7. What if any expectations do you have of the proposed child ?

8. What behaviors do you demand of anyone in your proximity?

9. Have you finished with your traveling ?

10. Have you finished with your nights out and your partying ?

11. Are you ready  should circumstances dictate to let go of all the fringe benefits of your life and donate all your time and resources for the rest of your life to someone you have not yet met and with whom you ight have personality conflicts, or who might meet with an accident and be an impediment needing all your time and resources? is your committment absolute and unconditional?

Remember - any personality may emerge from your womb or from the little face in the orphanage window. Remember, a special-needs child might be born.

Remember, your personality must bend to meet the needs of that child, not the other way around.

Remember, being a parent stops you from being a carefree person from now o n, no trips, no toys for yourself, no nights out.

Remember, taking care of a helpless being is a full-time, two-decade proposition at best, and anyone can have a child who turns out to be autistic, retarded, deformed, troubled�or unhealthy. 

And you have a good chance of having personality conflicts with even a baby.

Remember, it's your job to take care of that child�s every need�yourself � possibly with no help - marriages suffer most when�another party is brought in. only very stable marriages survive the arrival of a child, (and they are very few ). You may end up being a single parent. Are you prepared for that?

Do you primarily want a partner ? A mate ? Then why are you contemplating bringing a child into your relationship? A third party ? 
Three is a crowd, and a romance-killer.
For some odd reason, many women mistakenly think that a child will mend a relationship with a man. It's the very opposite for the vast majority.
We've all heard women use the phrase "give" him a child, as if it's some sort of gift to the male.
It's not the kind of gift a man craves. Rare is the man who grows up playing with baby dolls.
Think about it. 
If what you want is a great marriage, then focus on that.
If what you truly want is to parent a child, then adopt one.
If you think you want to have both a mate and a child, then find a mate who whole-heartedly wants a child more than anything else in the world and who also has all the other requirements for stability.
Don't bring a helpless child into an unstable environment. Care more for an innocent than that.
Think. Plan. Prepare.
In the words of Socrates, "Know thyself", and "To think own self be true."

Think about these things before you allow a mistake to happen.

If it does, own up and take responsibility, and receive the child as a gift, despite your misgivings, despite all.

Give, and you'll profit long-term, but if you're not prepared - not ready for this responsibility, make sure you prepare for the possibility and

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