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Within And Without

Within and Without

Within and without, the o ne answer is Complete Compassion.

Compassion alone heals.

Compassion alone finds complete solutions.

You hold your health, your happiness, and your spirituality in your hand - it is your heart. Let it lead your life.

As in  Ocean's Four-Fold Plan to Save the Planet the beginning and the end depend upon Compassion, if we are to survive and to save the planet.

Even o n TV, o n a show broadcast about Africa and India, about animal husbandry and herding, grazing, and about how, as in India's case, the so-called "white revolution", in which water buffalo milk is becoming a mainstream sales 
item, as dairy products or keeping animals increases, so does human starvation and cruelty to animals.

Both are intimately related.

As arable land is given over, due to the immense feeding requirements of each 
cow, more and more people will starve. In especially marginal economies, where every meal is important to survival, and where traditionally, farming grains has sustained their populations, some mindless and greedy Westerners who seek to get tax write-offs have begun sending some baby animals to these areas to begin this type of animal husbandry.

While a few families may be sustained in this manner, in each case, with 
each grazing animal, more and more humans will starve.

Also, boy babies born to these animals will be killed to keep her milk flowing, 
and if the idea of dairy increases, so will the misery of these helpless cows. 
(In the West, baby boy calves go into veal crates - a living horror almost 
unimaginablby torturous. read this - 
Got Milk ?

 This is o ne example of a lose-lose situation that could, by compassion for 
the helpless animals and for the population of humans, including concern for 
their health which will worsen with consumption of animal products, (see links 
below ) , could be turned around into a wonderful situation wherein they instead 
of using animals in this way, would return them to the fields to pull plows 
and to farm that land, feeding the humans again instead of the cattle.

 The most recent Harvard study proves what Veganize has been telling us, that 
eating meat causes most if not all of our diseases.

Be Compassionate in your food choices and live a long healthy life.

Veganize !



Any side-stepping around Compassionizing will not save the world.

Any continuance of either denial or of our apologist and excuse-based religiosity that also by-passes compassion and gives permission to indulge our grossest appetites will continue to kill the planet, many millions of people every year, and any hope for quality of life for wildlife, all other animals, and 
for the natural world.

We hold the entire world in our hands right this moment - save our planet. Do something every day to lessen your own impact o n the environment - and remember, it's more important to green your food than to green your car or any other thing.
Only caring enough to Go Vegan will save us now.

And it will save your own health!
Veganize  Today!