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To Care Is To Share

To Care Is To Share

To Love Is To Care

Really caring is what Love means.
People often confuse infatuation or having a ken or even attraction for the meaning of the word love, or they think it means that welling up of emotion and the feeling of connection as being what the word, love, means.
Love is an active word. A verb.
Love is all action.
Love is active protectiveness, active caring, extending of o neself, o ne's resources, o ne's energy, o neself.
If someone has a goldfish who has a less than clean bowl, the fish is not loved.
If someone does not actively make sure that anyone in the protective care - anyone who has the responsibility of caring for someone who cannot care for him or herself - then love does not exist in that person.
Love is complete and all-encompassing - particularly for the helpless o nes in o ne's life - or it is merely an empty term.
Since we are all o ne o n this tiny and fragile planet, and since Love is unconditional or it is meaningless and non-existent - then, as we care about the animals in our home, including us and our families, including all other species - it is our responsibility to care for all animals everywhere - actively - by contributing our time, our resources, our hearts.
We in most of the Western nations have more than enough to share consistently every month.
All of us feel led to help.
Some of us allow our frustrations or our immediate concerns to overwhelm us.
This is a depressing thing that will affect all of your life, all of your health.
To free yourself, accept the fact that we are all o ne, that Love is a verb, that we are all responsible for all the other animals, and begin to contribute every day.
You will prosper and the entire world will.
We are all o ne.
Love your family - including your Goldfish, your Birds, your Doggies and Cats, Horses, and Hamsters - care for them as you would like to be cared for in their position.
Do the very best you can, which is considerable, every day, for the helpless in your home.
Then continue o n to the PetitionSite.org and sign some petitions.
Go to Peta.org and sign some.
Go to ASPCA.org and sign some.
Go to the HumaneSociety.org and sign some there.

Find ways in your community to help.
Call and volunteer for wildlife rescue, or volunteer at your local Humane Society.
Tell everyone you know about Compassion.

Set up monthly automatic gifts to these organizations.
Help people by sharing the Vegan info o n this site, o n Veganize.com and o n GoVeg.com.
You might save a human life today!

Become Compassionate and it will certainly save your own!

And remember - to be spiritual is to be authentic - to resond honestly to your own soul.
You can't truly care about animals and eat them.
This hypocrisy is at the root of all health problems, along with the actual toxic realities of eating dead bodies and the fact that our bodies were not designed to digest flesh.

We aren't all doing as much right now as EcoHero,  Fred O'Regan, President of IFAW who stands up for Infant Seals, but we can support his cause and 
DActivist  right now by contributing moments of our time to support the causes by emailing help and/or by contributing funding every month to worthy causes.
Help All Animals Every Day and We Help Save the Environment Too!
The best thing we can do for All - to feed the hungry people, to save the animals, to save our environment and to save our own bodies is to Green Our Food.

But we can all prevent this Baby Boy and all the Baby Boys from being confined in a cruel veal crate by merely getting off the poisonous dairy right now - 

Go Dairy-Free With Me !

More o n Milk

When you become truly Compassionate, you will be able to look yourself in the mirror every day and know you're a heroic person, a Compassionate soul, a truly Enlightened and Caring, Loving person who is making a difference in this world - even by o nly saving lives by eating Healthy Vegan Foods every day!

Be honest. Live your beliefs. Embody Compassion and Peace.
You will thrive, live long, and be happy!

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