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The Great Spirit

The Great Spirit

Ukkuma (Inuit) The Great Spirit, of unending grace, who is asked to provide 
for all needs.

The Force, the Sea of All, the Holy Spirit – all refer to the cosmic 
material, the very alive and vibrant essence between the atoms that make up 
the underlying Isness from which all Creation consists.

It, or She, as many cultures refer to it, or He, as many others do, is a churning, 
shining material, invisible and yet more real than any other.

It is directed by Thought. By Intention.

It has been the Great Secret of all the sages of history, and is now offered 
to us uninitiated for the first time in a wide-sweeping attempt to open us all 
to the possibility of saving ourselves.

Our world is in danger.

Although most are in denial, few cannot admit that they haven’t noticed 
the signs.

In the beautiful Shenandoah Valley National Park, the rain is so acidic that 
it is like vinegar.

The oceans are sweeping inland and covering many of the Pacific Islands.

The world temperature is warming to alarming degrees.

Get your head out of the sand and start thinking universally.

Start caring.

Open your circle of interest and include the family of the cosmos, of all living 
beings, of the Great Spirit of the North East Asians and the Native North Americans 
and save the world.

We are o ne with All Creation.

Please Go to 
and start now.