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Spirit Mermaid

Welcome to the Magical Realm of the Spirit Mermaid, where MerSouls Dwell

Here at SpiritMermaid, we explore the mysterious worlds of the spirit, the soul, and of magic and myth.

Here, we come to heal the spirit of those who need a SpiritFix.

Here, we swim down into the deepest recesses of the soul of our entire planet, and find deep healing – the deepest healing that of necessity comes before a physical healing. We find answers, share insights, and then we find solutions.

Also, here at SpiritMermaid we have our Mermaid Myths area, where your wildest mer fantasies can be examined. Suspend your disbelief for awhile and swim through the MermaidSea awhile, get in tune with the Sirens’ Songs and float on a fairytale. Beautiful stories are also food for the soul, and can rescue us from the doldrums of everyday life.

So, indulge yourself on the Mermaids section or do some interior healing with SpiritFix.

Dive in with your Mersoul!


To heal a spirit is the aim of SpiritFix.

A wounded soul, a hurt psyche, are the components of an individual suffering from disconnection from his or her Spirit.

The spirit is actually the part of us which connects to the cosmic spirit – the Great Spirit of the Native Americans, the Holy Spirit of the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians, the Great Sea of many other cultures.

We can connect – are connected, whether aware of it or not – to this vast field of energy and love, just as we connect our little computers online to a great and worldwide network on the internet, becoming much more than the sum of our own parts.

The Holy Spirit is said to have more of a yin-type, creative and unconditionally loving feel than we often are capable of feeling on our own, without tapping into this vast reservoir of mystic light.

To fix a bird with a broken wing, we first splint his wing gently, then give him time and a safe atmosphere in which to heal, and then, as his confidence and excitement grows, he can fly again !

This is a great illustration of how we would like to enjoin everyone who is sick in spirit to heal.

To fix your own spirit, follow the meditations on YogaMermaid, open your mind first, your heart second, and then allow your soul to blossom into what it was meant to be.

To SpiritFix is to become loving, to Compassionize.

To align oneself with this greatest of forces, compassion is the key.

Compassion for all life, for all creatures, plants, trees, for the living resources of our planet, for all those disenfranchised, for the suffering, for the needy, is the way to heal oneself.

To gain healing, give healing.

Help to heal our world.

Save animals – don’t eat them.

Be true to the loving spirit inside you and you yourself will be blessed.

Open your spirit and let it fly !

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