Suicide Fix

Suicide Fix


A dismal word. An ungracious, unkind, undignified and dark term.

The child of depression, the offspring of useless feelings, the result of abuse 
and hopelessness, suicide is, for far too many, a fact of life.

The statistics are sobering.

The causes are myriad.

The end is the same, though the means are profuse and the degrees, the pace, 
and the methods are plentiful.

Some kill themselves slowly, by substance addiction, or the addiction to isolation, 
to downcast thinking, while others engage in death-defying acts of bravado until 
Morpheus himself asserts his dominance over frail egos.

Other seek the comfort of oblivion due to failure to thrive, for one reason 
or another.

Among the degrees of self-annihilation are the not-uncommon rituals of cutting 
oneself. Also, see 
Cutting Fix.
There are many more varieties of harming the self - from adhering to an 
abusive relationship, for battered women, to being a gang-banger, from professional soldiering to outlandish heroics.

There are as many ways to de-value oneself as there are depressed or repressed 
people on the earth.

"Pick your own poison", is the lure, the contant mantra of the consumer 
society, the entrapment of the commercials on tv.

From eating oneself to death to frustrated and sudden gunshots, the gamut is 
covered here.

We hope you will become enlightened at our site, and will find new solutions 
to this age-old tragedy.

At Suicide Fix, we offer solutions to whatever ails you or a loved one you are 
concerned about.

Our cures always speak first to the soul.

Without this spiritual dimension, nothing of value can be effected, and no cure 
will be long-standing.

Almost everyone has been touched by someone's suicide.

As we all know, there is a certain allure associated with the idea of willful 
death - and some become fixated with the fascination, the spell it casts. 
Whole generations have fallen in love with the very romance of self-annihilation 
and many still fall for this way out of life, or way to inflict imagined hurt 
on whomever we're angry with.

Depriving oneself of life is no way to punish someone.

Taking oneself out is neither a coward's way - as so many would 
have it - nor a real solution.

It is a tragic act of desperation. It deserves respect and examination.

Often, there are fore-shadowings. The victim might allude to suicide in some 
way, or his or her actions might spell it out in unmistakable ways. Either way, 
a completed mission is an unanswered plea for help.

Some, in seeking dissolution as a solution, while seeking Nepenthe, forgetfulness, 
or Somnus, Lord of Sleep, drift instead into Morpheus, the God of Death. By 
drowning themselves in the drinks and/or drugs of choice, they - playing not 
with fire, but with water - drown. An indecisive, passive-aggressive way, but 
not to take action toward life is all to often, to abandon it.

The culture of the American society at large - and especially the Republicans 
 - has been lured toward a mass - suicidal mentality, as we engage in planet-afflicting activities on a gigantic scale.

The war against all of nature is in a very real sense a suicidal urge. All suicidal 
behaviour is rooted in hatred of the self, first, and in repressed rage and 
feelings of powerlessness.

Unexpressed feelings can create all kinds of phantom monstrocities.

Warped perception, due to bad diet is common. Fantaticism born of warped and 
obsessive focus leads to the kind of world-destroying politics now in motion.

The use of prescription drugs is another cause of mental instability.

The ingestion of mind-altering substances like mold growing in the ordinary 
and rancid diets of the average American also contribute to other substance 
abuse in disrupting normal bodily and brain function.

To save a life, to fix one, is a great thing - great, because only the 
sufferer can adopt real change.

Great because the possibility of opening a new door in one's life when 
he is already feeling drawn downward into suicidal tailspins requires the help 
of a higher power, and getting someone else to open his dreary and burdened 
soul is a Herculean task - until a loved one, perhaps, or the victim himself, 
will change his diet, add some supplements, a little sunshine and exercise in 
the fresh air, and a little social interaction.

For the dangerously depressed, these are tall orders.

This is where the action of loved ones becomes crucial to a recovery.

Interventions of one kind or another are often useless without real hope of 
a different way of living.

Please read through our pages, become familiar with our Veganize and Healthize 
pages, read our Spirit Fix section, and get going on your energetic goal to help.

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