Peace-Making - Blessed Are The Peace-Makers


�Blessed are the Peacemakers.�

Jesus� words have been echoed in every religious and spiritual tradition 
throughout history.

These oft-heard words might be shop-worn to Western ears, who�ve snoozed 
through sermons circumventing the very most basic of tenets of Christianity, 
who�ve o nly paid lip-service to this phrase � diluting it to mean, 
essentially � blessed are the peacemakers who do exactly what I or my 
government wants.

This goes for Judaism � although they have, in truth, in the ten commandments, 
not such a dictate � and for Islam.

Many other countries have honorably excluded religion from their governmental 
policies, leaving �unto Caesar the things that are Caesar�s and 
unto God the things that are God�s�.

Which brings up this � why do we find ourselves in a theocracy in the 
twenty-first century?

What is a theocracy?

It�s the very most vile thing to our founding fathers� philosophies 
and intentions.

Our very nation, the U.S., was founded because and upon the idea of religious 
freedom and this � the separation of church and state.

This phrase is not even heard much nowadays.

The present regime has discarded it, along with blessed are the peacemakers, 
in its� iron pursuit of its� own agendae.

Taken as a whole, looked at from other perspectives, which is always instrumental 
in understanding the views of others � and, by the way, the most potent 
anti-propagandistic tool we have � we can easily see what motivates 
them to want to impose their own order o n the chaos of freedom.

While espousing freedom, another empty term, they, the o nes who have brought 
a theocracy into the very cradle of democracy, they have learned to use the 
old Roman mediaizing and control of the masses while creating laws which are 
against everything America used to stand for.

Yes, this we all learn that from the brilliant Daily Show o n Comedy Central 
� the nation�s favorite and most accurate newsgathering forum 
today � but why?

Why are theocracy?

From Theo, the ancient Greek for God, cracy, a government, we get the word 
which scrambles the two parts of the societal egg which our founding fathers 
had so painstakingly separated- for good, they thought.

The most hideous cruelties have been served up by so-called religions.

Most people just want to get along � to have the opportunities to use 
their gifts, their talents and to create a life for themselves.

Good people also want to prosper others, to share the wealth.

Republicans want to punish the less prosperous. They�re angry at them, 
at the homeless � Rush Limbaugh�s cruel diatribes against the 
homeless are difficult for a sane person to understand, except when seen through 
the eyes of others. Frustration, the frustration and envy that some who�ve 
had to struggle, or, conversely, have never had to struggle, can lead in the 
unenlightened, instead of compassion, directly to anger.

What o ne cannot control or contain or assist, or if o ne does not want to assist, 
one can grow angry at.

Then begin to spread myths � like, the Republicans love to think that 
all the homeless are lazy good-for-nothings who aren�t deserving.

Not having walked in the shoes of someone who was raised without opportunity, 
someone who has been born with another color of skin, or speaking another 
language, the unseeing or purposefully uncaring for greedy reasons of their 
own choose to exclude the helpless and instead o nly to concentrate o n padding 
their own nests.

The entire regime in power is made up either of the greedy, the well-meaning 
but duped religious, and the slavish listeners of the rhetoric delivered daily 
by the heartless talk-show radio hosts hired by the Republican Party.

So why blend religion and politics?

Because it works for them.

They�ve gotten in o n the handle of o ne issue � o n abortion.

Abortion is wrong, and if the Democrats have an ounce of intelligence among 
them, they�ll unload this as a hot potato and move back into the arena 
of saving the country.

Anyone who tries to say it�s right is also in denial.

Stopping the pregnancy � using our ingenius little ape minds to invent 
new ways and adhering to the old like, staying sober o n dates, staying o n 
birth control � each partner � never trusting the other � 
relying o n two or more forms � and, most of all � men getting 
vasectomies � will stop the epidemic of abortion which the Republicans 
have rallied around.

Anyway, back to the main subject � the other issues are concerning the 
media�s outlandish expansion into the edges of porno at every turn, 
making tiny children become exposed to sexualization and exploitation, and 
causing all of us to have to be exposed to violence unending � even 
on our animal shows by National Geographic and even Animal Planet, the aim 
seems to be to titillate by showing the most cruel footage available !

Ratings dictate the sale of ads, and the sale of ads stoke the corporate furnace, 
which burns like hell o n the fuel of evil � I�m not sounding like 
a fundamentalist for nothing � we all, if adhering o nly to a term set 
in concrete, become extremeists, and the so-called Liberals, also glued into 
the cherished notion of the free press, free speech, etc., are also driving 
the halves of our nation apart.

There should be limits and some standard of public decency �if for no 
other reason than practicing the lost art of diplomacy, of peacemaking, within 
our nation.

To open a dialogue of �what can we do to get along with each other ?�, 
a forum should be begun between the two parties.

Yes, there are o nly two parties that matter � until election time, when 
Nader becomes pure evil, apparently, and drives the Republicans right into 

Let�s look at the facts, here.

Why else would he and the Nader adherants � the o nes jaded o n the two-party 
system, the potheads and the arch-anarchists, come out and flex their collectively 
unexercised muscles at this time?

Are they paid off by the Repubs?

It seems that they � or the heads � have a clear agenda, and it 
must be a secret mission to install the Republicans, while looking like the 
opposite is occurring.

The Democrats are the lesser of two evils, at least.

All those, including the least likely of voters, who voted out of frustration 
against both, thereby ensuring a Republican victory, have themselves to blame 
for the fiascos and the o nslaughts o n our environment, o n our own helpless 
people in the wake of Katrina, and o n the entire world.

Wear the blood you helped spill proudly, along with the most hawkish of thejingoistic 
lunatic fringe.

To do nothing is to comply.

Implicit in either not voting, or in not voting for the Democrats, is that 
you�re voting FOR the right-wing.

Stupidity apparently rules and so many have been pulled right into the webs 
spun by the clever Republican policy dictators that I�m surprised.

We�ve gone fro being good guys in the world, sort of, to being outright 
despised despots who o nly self-serve and hold o nto fortunes while most nations 
die of starvation.

We burn our grain rather than transport it.

We argue over tendrils of nonsense and avoid the big issues.

We � the nation at large � either, if men, focus o n sports or 
business and , if women, o n breeding and gossip, turning our eyes inward o nly 
toward tending our closest physical selves and our families while the world 
spins into ruin.

This is the state of the nation.

The scrapbooking stores are full.

The superbowl means more to most than global warming.

This comes straight through from the times of the gladiatorial games, when 
the emporers would take and hold power while giving entertainment to divert 
the attention of the masses.

And yet, while the middle and upper classes enjoy comfort and games, the lower 
incomes and downright poverty of the undertrodden and the forgotten of our 
own society gets less and less of everything.

Some cannot earn.

Some cannot live without assistance.

This is just a given in life.

Always has been, always will be.

The more advanced nations o n earth have shared their wealth via responsible 
governmental systems applying taxation where it�s needed to take care 
of their own citizenry.

Our government no longer cares.

The �bleeding-hearted liberals�, so called by the Republicans, 
who apply this degrading term to anyone who cares about anything or anyone, 
along with their other bullying rhetoric, are now treated rather like unpopular, 
victimized school kids.

Why are we, as a nation, putting up with all this perverting of all that is 
truly decent and right?

The apathy is apparent.

We have a party in power with a huge agenda to fulfill.

They�re o n a mission to convert the nation to their own ways of thinking 
and doing.

The ridding of the poor from New Orleans is a huge example.

Land developers want to claim the more desirable coastal land � along 
with the oil rights offshore and all the resources and the control of ports, 
obviously � and to snatch it out from under the former tenants.

Whether the flood which ousted and killed so many and dispersed most of the 
others in such a cruel fashion it has appalled the entire world � (and 
witness the pay-offs of the major dupes who took the heat for the real powers 
in charge!) � was allowed or started by these elements or not is debatable, 
but any moron knows that to maintain a levy � the levies built by so 
much almost slave labor and heralded in famous blues songs, like �when 
the levy breaks�, by Howlin� Wolf � is a huge priority even 
in our times and very unlikely to have been an accident, is a matter for logic.

Follow the money, as Agatha Christie always said, and there we find the plots 
of the merciless.

Sometimes things happen. Sometimes things are made to or allowed to happen.

Either way, the industriously greedy among us will find opportunities to turn 
thngs to a profit, right or wrong.

It�s up to the decent, the high-minded, and the truly religious and 
spiritual people to balance the disharmony.

Become a peace-maker.

Open dialogues.

Learn to think.

Learn to look at circumstances with the fresh eyes and open minds that detectives 

Lost your prejudices but use the filter of justice and honor in everything 
you do, and you�ll find your way to the truth.

Even in these times, find a way to forgive even the most vile of enemies, 
if for no other reason than your own path to understanding them.

See that most of the voters who put Bush in office were well-meaning or duped.

Propaganda is a strong ally of the devious, and used by the fifteen percent 
of human populations who were genetically programmed to be capable of leadership 
of the masses to sway populations o ne way or another.

But each of us, regardless whether we�re born alphas or not � 
can learn to use our heads and allow our hearts to be the defining factor.

When it feels right, it usually is.

Intuition can lead you to this feeling of harmony.

We all know what is right, after all. And the right wing is dead wrong.

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