Cutting Fix - Heal From Cutting

Cutting Fix


There are many ways of suicidal behaviour.
Even reckless self-endangerment like driving too fast falls under this vast and sad category.
They all involve not caring about oneself enough even to want to make oneself survive. Killing oneself is cruelty and murder, whether bit by bit or all at once, and what a waste.
All begin in one place. In one’s own mind.
Perhaps we’ve been led by others, even the well-intending, to view ourselves as less than desirable in some way, whether in looks, service, behaviour, or simply as a fact of our own existence. Maybe we’ve always felt somewhat in the way.
A burden. Not quite good enough.
Maybe the anger toward those who’ve hurt us has been misdirected – toward oneself, toward the victim.
Maybe the continuous stream of society’s concensus of what are at this time beauteous bodies on screens and other media have detracted us from being on our own team – our very own team of one.
Maybe we’ve unwittingly complied to make our own self view not stand up somehow.
This can end up in putting the means of self-punishment into others’ hands, as in engaging in violent relationships, in sabotaging our own goals and desires and self-interests, in the blatant forms of self-abuse like prostitution of one kind or another, enslavement to others, of druguse, including alchol, of sleeping around, of being a convenient conduit, sexually or by always putting others first, or by cutting. 
Cutting can be societally acceptable, via the self-mutilation by piercings, including those for wearing earrings. I know now of one little girl who is suffering her first self-abuse. Her ears are infected and she must undergo treatment for this which will leave her scarred beyond what the usual result would bring. She already, at a very young age, is beginning to feel not good enough, feel that she must conform to some ideal, that her own perfect ears were not in themselves pretty enough. She now, too late, vows never to let anyone violate her body again.
Other sanctioned cuttings include plastic surgery. This oft-discussed societal ill garners much money for those in the industries of surgery, medicine, and fashion as well as stoking the media and porn machinery. 
Distorting values as well as bodies, the major fault in this whole idea is that someone is not good enough. That self-improvement can being without rather than within. That happiness will follow this self-mutilation and needless brush with death. And yes, any surgery is very dangerous, especially with antibiotic-resistant and lethal bacteria rampant in the healthcare system and places of operation.
The last form, and perhaps the most blatant call for help from the little person concealed inside, is personal cutting. Wound-infliction on oneself is a form of suicide. It is so sad, so dismal and so prevalent a practice that I wanted to address it here.
Of course, there are many more types of self-injury, like anorexia, like just pulling a trigger of a gun faced toward oneself, like eating oneself to death. They all stem from the same wounded spirit and from the same perverted culture.
This section is called CUTFIX because there is a cure for a low sense of self-worth, for suicidal behaviour.
It involves healing, a healing system we call Healize.
It starts with one’s heart.
To heal from within is the only way, since it is the soul which carries the wound, and the spirit which can heal the soul.
The difference between soul and spirit is perhaps only a verbal distinction. Perhaps not, but here we will describe the soul as that part of the Great, or Holy Spirit which resides in all beings, and the spirit as that part surrounding the soul which longs to heal, to connect with the Great Sea of Spirit which surrounds all of life, all of space, and of which we and every other animal, every plant, rock, drop of water, current of air, handful of dirt is a part.
We are like little ripples, little individualized waves on the Great Sea of Spirit.
We can each access this huge sea.. As a computer ties into cyberspace, we can connect to the great healing energy of the universe.
This is paramount. To understand, to believeize. First, know that there is help.
Secondly, know that there is a way for you to access it.
Thirdly, shift your vision and your loyalty. That is, view yourself as a vital and important piece of the giant and chaotic cosmos, a little but vital link whose importance and destiny may not have yet appeared. You are not alone.
Along with this idea of being needed by the universe, by people and animals you have not yet heard of, by places longing for your help, your talents, your own ideas and services, is tantamount to your healing.
This will enable you to feel ready to open to your healing.
This will point the way to an open door, to opening your soul to receive healing.
Then, view yourself as you really are- see the little helpless child inside begging for at least you yourself to come to his aid, all alone, just waiting for you to recognize and help him or her.
Feel pity, sorrow, recognize that you are the only one who can and will offer the healing he needs, and begin to comfort him. Feel love for him, Give him hope. Give him what others have deprived him of – nurturance and caring, loyalty.
Honoring yourself, not waiting for others to heal the wounds they themselves have caused in you and perhaps will never recognize, apologize for, or care about, will give you dignity, courage, and a sense of responsibility.
Instead of waiting to be bailed out, you will rescue yourself!
Take charge of your own healing.
Look at some photos of you as a tiny child, as an infant, and instead of seeing what you may have in the past with your logical mind – maybe your hair color is not what you’d wanted, maybe your mind will find other previously-perceived flaws – forget this!- look through the eyes of love and pity as if you’d never seen yourself before. Give yourself the advantage and the loving looks you’d give any little child in a mall. Find things you adore in your little face. See the light, the lustre in those little eyes, so innocent, so expectant. This time, love back, see yourself with eyes of love looking back at yourself. You’ll be surprised to see how very lovely, how very handsome, you really were. Guess what? You are now very lovely and handsome the way you are!
Just opening the door to this new view of yourself is so freeing!
Now you can go to the next step – that of asking God to create a better person in you.
Rather than asking, as is so common, for God to give you this or that, ask for Him to help you become more loving, more giving, more generous, more sweet, more compassionate.
Take a deep breath.
View yourself with the eyes of a doting parent, of a loving big sibling, and for a moment, understand that this is how the universe views you. It is patient and kind, nurturing of you and wants the best for you. It wants you to become so loving, so kind, that you will become a better person, and exude love first toward yourself, then toward all of the world, including the very most downtrodden and helpless. God wants you to love all beings in the world, and to help them. These are the animals, the pets, the ones badly treated like the farm animals and lab animals, the orphans, the older people, the ill, the disabled, the poor.
There are ways you can find to extend your love by doing service in some way, even if it’s to donate money. I used to save money as a child to give to the poor. It was a wonderful way to give. I also gave time and money to help animals, volunteering at a local shelter and saving any unwanted pets I could, or my parents would allow, including wild animals like one baby squirrel who’d fallen from a tree.
One sibling who speaks many languages volunteers to read letters from home for immigrants, and to help them with their forms for the government,etc.
One of my parents volunteered to help a whole immigrant community settle in our country, doing countless tasks and services.
Another parent worked every year with orphanages and helped to fund them, personally.
Another sibling is especially drawn to help the elderly, the ill, and the homeless, and has made such a difference in many individual lives that it has nourished that sibling remarkably.
In giving, one receives, and more, one learns to feel deserving of receiving.
To get, give.
To love, love.
To heal, heal.
These are real prescriptions for happiness and healing. See Healthize or Healize at left on the menu.
These work.
Cutting oneself is a useless act which serves no one, especially the self. A little look around will cause you to see so many others who are more needy than yourself, and whom you could benefit, just by thinking of a way to improve that life.
Rescuing a pet who would be euthanized at a shelter instead of buying one from a breeder is just one of the many miraculous ways your life can matter .
You can think of countless other ways.
Making yourself beautiful is easy, anyway. See Beautifize in the menu at left.
Everyone is beautiful. We are all unique and come in every color, shape, and size. We’re all beautiful. Have you noticed that there is no such thing as an ugly cat or dog or horse or monkey or cow? Just as all other animals are lovely, so are we.
Just as all trees are beautiful, so are we.
We’re part of everything. We’re part of the world, the landscape, the universe, and it’s all potentially gorgeous, (if we stop concretizing and polluting everything, that is.)
Learning how you can help to save our planet, Sea, is a wonderful way to help! See PlanetFix and WorldFix at left, and begin to use your creativity and your mind for something besides sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich, nursing your old wounds, instead - . look outside yourself! Love! Live!