Camraderie - We're All In This Together




Of Kindred Spirits

We�re all � all beings, whether mammals or not � o ne big family.
We�re the animals.

We have fur, feet, or wings, have short or long snouts, a tail or not, climb 
or swim or fly or walk or run our way across our diverse homelands or home 
seas, and breathe either the air or the water.

We all look very alike, from the tiniest insect to the mightiest whales � 
face it, each of us has eyes, (almost all of us), breathing apperati, appendages, 
usually, and eat from o ne end and excrete from the other.

We�re all some sort of tubes, basically.

Forget your delusions of grandeur and relish our sameness with all the other 

It�s grand to be an animal!

And we�re not the o nly o nes by any means who get along closely with 
members of other species.

We all love, us human, horses, cats, dogs, birds, and many other familiar 
pet species, plus our wild loves, the dolphins, whales, tigers, bears, koalas, 
skunks, snakes, lizards, and I could go o n and o n.

We all have had conversations of a sort, have maybe had some feelings shared, 
and times together with other individuals from other animal groups, and we 
know of many other species who also make friends or become close family with 
some who might at first be surprising as pals for them.
Antelope and Coyotes Buddies

Human and Dog Buddies

Watching Animal Planet�s precious Funniest Animals series is enlightening 
about how many such couplings and groupings there are.

So, enjoy being an animal, and love all the other species!

We have way more in common than we have differences, after all.

And remember � the good Lord made us all, whether great or small!

Precious Baby Hippo and His Pal, the Tortoise!

Mother of the Year!