Prayer Is Essential To Health and Happiness - Prayerize !


It never hurts to ask, does it?

And if one doesn't ask, one usually doesn't get either!

We know people who've been burdened with horrible addictions who simply finally understood what Jesus' offer to lay burdens o n Him rather than continue to struggle with them - and these who asked were almost instantly healed !


Where's the catch?

We must also do our part.

We must avoid temptation, truly ask for forgiveness for wrecking our own lives, take responsibility for what we have and haven't done, and "sin no more".

Wanting to be thin and not buying the correct healthy foods will not achieve the desired results, but asking God for help - asking for God to remove the desire for unhealthy foods will achieve the result as long as we walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Prayer works miracles!
It's even been proven!

Yes, scientifically!

Good vibes, happiness, whatever you want to call it - a power of goodness - emanates from someone who trusts God, prays, walks with God, and asks for the Light to flow through his or her life from God to share with the world.

Praying for o neself also works, but for real miracles, first become a worthy vessel - ask for your body, the temple, to become a way and a means to heal the world - use your talents - ask God to show you the way - rely o n prayer as your main tool in life.

Naturally, o nly wanting good things is required.

Otherwise, you'll be summoning powers you definitely do not want, and they will always rebound back to you, boomerang-style, if what you wish for harms any other being.

Read our other SpiritFix articles and find your own way, with the help of God, our Higher Power, or whatever name you use for the Force of All.

So become a walking prayer, Prayize, Prayerize, and a walking blessing in life - your prayers will be answered in the very best way for you, chosen personally by God.

The very best results occur when we leave the result in God's hands - He already knows your heart, your gifts, and your desires, so submitting to God's will gives you results you never even dreamed of.

That's the ultimate prayer - God, thank you for using me, for making me a blessing in this world.

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