Babies - Save Babies Now !


   by Ocean

Suppose you met a soul who was unable to speak quite legibly, who was naive, trusting, and not quite as bright as yourself.

Would you treat him with kindness? With respect?

What if he were in fact helpless. Would you offer sympathy, compassion? Pity, at least?

Treat him with mercy?

Would you remember the words of your religion and apply them to him, or, 
if he or she appeared in another kind of clothing, or was from another neighborhood, or race, or socio-economic group, would that flavor your response? Would you act Christlike toward him ?

You meet him every day in many forms - this innocent, helpless soul, most often stripped of all but his soul, taken, imprisoned, tortured, restrained, and cruelly murdered. Tragically, you meet him now on someone's plate or in a glass. He is now merely body parts or dairy products.

As the innocent and helpless victims of the the most horrendous aspect of 
our society, the most helpless of all beings, the victims of the meat and dairy industry. See Got Milk?

The most shameful legacy of our shameful era, factory farming has taken the already cruel practice of eating fellow mammals and taken it to a level far beyond evil.

In the interest of profit for the handful of owners, every shred of decent 
behavior extended to these utterly dependent and feeling beings has been 
stripped away.

Few laws oprotect them, and of those, most are ignored.

In many states, even inspection in to their torture chambers is not allowed.

Why would they - the raisers, the ones who make profit off the untold 
misery of totally innocent animals - why would they not want for their 
warehouses, their transporters, and, particularly, their butcheries, to be 
seen? only if they are not complying with the minimal laws which are in place would they seek to hide their doings like criminals.

One does not act guilty if there has not been a crime.

The fact that they do not ensure either that the animals in their care are 
either raised humanely, transported humanely, or even killed humanely.

We, the people, we, those in the U.S., the Europeans, the Canadians, and 
many in South America and Asian and African countries have a voice in this.

We must use it to aid the sentient, suffering beings at the very bottom of 
society- the animals raised and murdered for food.

We need to make sure that the cruelest of people are not allowed to continue their clandestine outrages against the ones who, in Issac Bashevis Singer's words are "totally inoffensive" animals.

We must be their voice.

"if you have done it unto the least of them, you have done it to me."

The words of Jesus were clearly meant by him to apply to these innocent,helplesssouls.

Jesus himself chose not only to be born among them- the barnyard animals, the least of society- our greatest victims, - but he also chose to be called ,"the lamb".

Perhaps the saddest of all, babies, veal calves, and lambs.

However, the lambs at least are not crated for months on end, in constant 
turmoil, tortured by drugs which induce thirst which is not assuaged, unable even ever to turn around.

These are infants! As feeling as you and i!

Boycott restaurants, at least, which serve veal!

So many great people have advocated veganism, from Gandhi to Einstein, who had stated that he wished that he had, instead of pursuing science, instead pursued helping the world become vegetarian. From Michaelangelo to Alice Walker , so many geniuses, so many have elected to be vegans that that fact alone should persuade most of us to follow their examples.

Everyone is born knowing love.

Everyone comes into the world naturally loving all other animals.

We, even the very worst of us, all assume that animals- even those raised 
for consumption- are at least offered decent lifespan
s, and more, merciful

We, as Americans, especially, where the brutality to our farm animals is 
increasing, must demand that common decency be extended to all helpless beings.

We must raise our voices together and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

To Care is to Act 




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