Abortion Fix

The tragedy of abortion touches many lives, and not just the fetus� or 
the would-have-been mothers�lives.

There is no o ne who can honestly sanction abortion.

The very word, �choice�, has a sullen ring to it now, and no o ne 
can champion the cause of �right to choose�, without at the same 
time feeling guilty, as long as the taint of abortion clings to it.

The issue alone is the reason that the Republicans keep winning.

I wonder if there is a study about how many otherwise liberal voters have taken 
a pregnant pause in the hallways while waiting to vote� often in churches, 
and oft-decorated by the pictures made by children.(an obvious but potent set-up 
to glean some last-minute voters for conservative issues)- and who have suddenly 
pushed the Republican lever as a result.

Many, many, I assume.

To be forced to put the welfare of suffering people ahead of the outright evil 
abuse of using abortion as a birth-control issue puts some of us, sadly, right 
in line with the cruelest conservatives o n this o ne thing. And yet, choosing 
between two wrongs is never easy.

Why have they set it up this way? Why the hot potato issue of abortion?

Why, in this day and age of such assortments of birth control in our technological 
times has such a barbaric practice continued?

Aside from causing the Repubs to view their opponents as outright child-killers, 
allowing them to smugly continue in their planet-killing, while saving this 
one issue as their raison d�etre, as their shining cause, and, of course, 
providing matter for their own pet scientific research labs, abortion is an 
archaic and brutal force which needs to be addressed, honestly.

Yes, it is wrong. This we all know.

What are the alternatives?

Aside from the obvious � from using two forms of birth control, and from 
just taking the consequences of mistakes, there are others which the senders 
of each joyous birth announcement sent out by these sanctimonious anti-choicers 
has chosen to overlook � 

One, vasectomies are a safe, easy, and necessary alternative, and o ne which 
every male � particularly those who wish not to be saddled with whining 
pregnant girlfriends or strangers, who, finally, by today�s laws are being 
made to pay up for the life of the lives they create- should be racing to avail 
themselves of.
The reason I cite the easy, in-office procedure for males over the more invasive 
and expensive method of fixing females is also obvious, and not o nly for the 
reason that it is mainly women who seek to ,�accidentally�, or o n-purpose 
become mothers, even if from males who wish o nly to party. The pathetic needs 
people attempt to fill by means of a helpless life are many, and are addressed 
here - .

The central reasons most women have babies are the false attempt to 
fill o neself with love, and  the hopelessly outdated dictates of old religiosity 
or societal mores.  The constant barrage of the media to implore women to have children is the arena wherein the all-greedy corporations seek always ever more buyers for their 
products. Then, add the old primal �misery loves company�, routine, since the statistics prove that by far most parents if given a choice would never have had their children and they often can't help resenting the freedom of their child-free friends and family members, and then you have a setup for disaster - for thehelpless babies born to an already far over-crowded world.

The main reason the world is overpopulated is that while  people are unwilling to adopt the millions upon 
millions of starving children all over the world, or even in our own communities, those same selfish people continue to have their own babies, many while espousing love for orphans of the world. Hypocrits, they can never say in truth that they love children. They are merely carrying out their own greedy, self-serving agenda while babies die.

The self-righteous who choose to project their own genes o n yet another generation, 
while causing orphans to starve to death have no reason to lord it over teen-aged 
girls who�ve been date-raped and who have sought abortions.

While promoting alcoholism, drug-use, abusive lifestyles, poverty, the upright 
Republicans are also, by their very exclusionary natures and intransigent refusals 
to see the realities of our situations, causing these tragedies. Their fundings, 
their stocks in corporations, cause the ads which summon every new teenager 
to see o nly the model of motherhood as their future. Their backings provide 
the media content which causes the endless pursuit of love instead of individual 
accomplishment as the way to fill voids created by the poverty, the mis-education, 
the latch-key kid syndromes, most products of a vacuous society riddled with 

The children suffer the most, of course. See 

They are the prey of society.

So, by updating our view of the world to the present millinium, by discarding 
the ancient proclamations of tribal leaders from long ago who really worried 
that their tiny populations would die out, and by recognizing that this very 
mandate to procreate is ruining our entire world and making endless waves of 
babies and children suffer and starve, we will begin to make abortion disappear.

By adopting helpless children from these starving masses rather than doing the 
supremely selfish act of having a baby, we will being to save our souls for 
real, and the world.

By offering o neself to coach the youth from deprived backgrounds rather than 
pursue the interests of o ne�s own, for instance, church communities, will 
we begin to see teenagers lose the need to have a baby in the misguided attempt 
to find love and acceptance, or, worse, to perpetuate what was done to them, 
for mothering and fathering well require good models. Models most of us have 
never had.

By extending o neself in the love the Republicans claim to feel in their religions, 
in compassionate understanding and empathy for the less blessed will we see 
the arrogance disappear from the ruling classes and the �mindless fecundity� 
cease among the poor.

By allowing more sex education along with � and this is key- psychological 
training o n the self-worth of individuals in school, and a push to make vasectomies 
easily attainable and widely accepted, will we see progress.

Remember, it is the children who will benefit most from these advances.

It is the stubborn insistence o n everyone towing theline, following the rules, 
the religious edicts, ignoring the fierce need for love and direction and acceptance 
that these kids require most, which inhibits the anti-choicers from being kind 
to the poor.

How can they learn another way when all o ne sees o n tv, even o n the so-called 
enlightened shows o n how to save the planet, are selfish people who are having 
their own children! When parenthood is so exalted in the media, despite the 
truth of situations, despite the reality that most kids will be left at home 
alone while a single parent works, or worse, and that those children will be 
condemned to live in poverty, forced to eat unwholesome foods, to suffer in 
myriad ways, how can changes be made?

The more aware among us need to stand up for having vasectomies, for adopting, 
for counseling, and to campaign against the incessant drives to spawn seen o n 
all the media, in all the religions, within families, among friends.

The Repubs think that giving more sex ed and birth control to kids will make 
irresponsible sex easier. Bottom-line, sex will happen no matter what, whether 
consenting or not, among all and sundry.

They will not learn responsibility unless it is taught not just in school, at 
home, but through the media.

Try exalting those who�ve chosen not to breed for a change!

The child-free feel as if they must explain away their choice, so great is the 
societal pressure to be just like everyone else, so great is the envy of those 
who wish they had thought twice before breeding, -and yes, the statistics prove 
that 95% of those who�ve had children ,and had anonymity in which to state 
it, would have chosen not to have children.

Particularly in today�s economy, and in the single-parent nation, here, 
where non-married parents have become the norm, people who have no notion and 
no means to care even for themselves, let alone an offspring, condemn themselves 
to squalor by having kids, and yes, again, it is the child who suffers most.

The frustrated women�s movement, pro-choicers, see these conditions and 

Really the right and the left see eye-to-eye o n this o ne theme � neither 
wants the children to suffer.

Let us see our similarities and work together toward solutions, for a change.

We all want a clean, healthy planet.

We all want all children to thrive.

We all want all to prosper.

We all want a great condition of life for everyone.

We can find solutions, if we will put aside our differences and concentrate 
on solutions.

�Blessed are the peace-makers�.

What about putting our heads together and finding solutions to overpopulation,to 
wars, to the starving, the unwanted, the ill and disabled, the elderly, the 
needy,including all animals, all nations, all the world, as every religion urges?

How about putting our money and efforts and time where our mouths are?

How about making the empty words spoken at your churches and synogogues and 
mosques and temples really live?

And Democrats. Unload the issue of abortion! Get rid of the guilt involved with 
voting for your party. It is this issue alone which has caused the landslide 
victories of your opponent party. Don�t you realize you force voters to 
choose between their religion and the needs or their socieites? Between their 
hearts and their heads? Between their souls and consciences and their own monetary 
conditions? Don�t force these intense choices. Unload the cause of abortion. 
Instead, create new solutions for this huge problem. Be inventive. Find new 
solutions which will fit with people�s senses of morality and justice, 
with their religious convictions and with the image of a helpless fetus at stake.

Women�s groups, feminists, stop endorsing this as the o nly solution. How 
about popularizing o nly dating those guys who�ve been fixed, for an example,and 
who can prove it? After all, rubbers burst or slip. Pills don�t work. 
I myself was born while my mom was o n the pill, for instance, as were countless 
other kids.

And yes, girls are encouraged to give up their babies for adoption, but this 
causes heartache. The best solution is to stop getting pregnant by a method 
that will work!

Stop being selfish. Stop having children. Stop being angry at dumb teenagers. 
Stop being frustrated with situations, instead, start fixing them!

It starts with o ne. Stand up and declare yourself Child-Free today!

Get a vasectomy to prove it, or ask your husband or boyfriend or father or brother 

If you want children, adopt. Save a life, help someone.

Talk about it. Popularize it.

Make the world a kinder, better place. 

Save it.

Get fixed!

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