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Spirit Fix - How To Heal Your Spirit


Spirit Fix

To heal a spirit is the aim of Spirit Fix.

A wounded soul, a hurt psyche, are the components of an individual suffering from disconnection from his or her Spirit.

The spirit is actually the part of us which connects to the cosmic spirit 
- the Great Spirit of the Native Americans, the Holy Spirit of the Jews, 
the Muslims, and the Christians, the Great Sea of many other cultures.

We can connect -are connected, whether aware of it or not - to 
this vast field of energy and love, just as we connect our little computers 
online to a great and worldwide network o n the internet, becoming much more than the sum of our own parts.

The Holy Spirit is said to have more of a yin-type, creative and unconditionally loving feel than we often are capable of feeling on our own, without tapping into this vast reservoir of mystic light.

To fix a bird with a broken wing, we first splint his wing gently, then give 
him time and a safe atmosphere in which to heal, and then, as his confidence and excitement grows, he can fly again !

This is a great illustration of how we would like to enjoin everyone who is 
sick in spirit to heal.
To fix your own spirit, follow the meditations at Yogaize, open your mind first, your heart second, and then allow your soul to blossom into what it was meant to be.

To Spirit Fix is to become loving, to Compassionize.

To align oneself with this greatest of forces, compassion is the key.

Compassion for all life, for all creatures, plants, trees, for the living 
resources of our planet, for all those disenfranchised, for the suffering, 
for the needy, is the way to heal oneself.

To gain healing, give healing.

Help to heal our world.

Save animals - don't eat them.

Be true to the loving spirit inside you and you yourself will be blessed.

Open your spirit and let it soar.

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The entire world needs a spirit fix.

The entire planet.

Since we"re the only beings capable of fixing anything in our environment, 
as in our own lives, if we, as individuals learn that - first, to save 
our lives requires the healing of our planet quickly, and second, that in 
order to do that, healthy, vibrant, and hopeful individuals are the only means to fixing our planet,, and therefore, ourselves, let's proceed to spiritfix together.

How ?

One by one, first, and then, group by group, and then, population by population.

Beginning with the spirit, let's examine the word.

Spirit, according to the dictionary, has at least eight meanings, from the 
soul, (although most often this is differentiated from the spirit, as in spirit 
as the part of us directly a part of the universal spirit, the Holy Spirit), to the will of a person.

Some meanings are like flying, as in ,to spirit me away...

Others denote energy, or the essence of a being. The distillation of all the 
sums of a person, the very definition of a plant or an animal such as ourselves in toto.

Some meanings are a bit spooky, as when used to denote supernatural beings such as ghosts or demons, angels, or, as in animistic religions, nature spirits, fairies, and yes, mermaids.

There is the very earthy meaning of the word, spirit, as in 
the drinking of spirits, giving one the feeling of being less earthbound, 
one presumes.

And what of being high-spirited, like a horse with a joyous 
aspect ?

An inclination, a feeling, or a mood, and it can also include the mind of 
someone itself - the conscious parts as well as the sub-conscious.

To get int the spirit of the thing.-, or to have ,team 
lets us know it also refers to tribal and cultural, let alone, 
sports groups' hysteria, religiosity, and the thrill of being part of 
an assembly.

To inspirit someone is to infuse with strength or courage - to envelope another with ones' own protective energies- to merge and to heal, to combine and enliven.

To fix is, as with most words which carry an impact, loaded with meanings.

Both together address the healing not o nly of our group consciousness, but 
that of healing individuals� deepermost and hidden selves.

To fix someone with a wounded spirit is a wonderful aim, and one we at Eco Magazine offer ourselves to do every single day.

There is so much help available in the world for almost every person, but 
someone whose spirit is broken needs to be reached first.

We hope that, by our being here, by our making ourselves, our creativity, 
our combined knowledge available to everyone all over the world, that we will be able to touch the souls of many who need to read just the right sentence or word in order to ignite his or her interest in saving himself.

We hope to speak to everyone with one or another of our offerings, and to 
influence all to begin to heal individually by offering help to our planet 
at large.

Everyone has gifts, talents, knowledge.

Please feel free to read, explore, to find whatever it is in our pages that 
will unlock the doors to your own spirits.

The keys to life, health, joy, and prosperity are here.

Fix your spirit here.

Fix the spirit of the entire world.

We are all one.

We can renew and sustain life for all on our planet - we have the means, 
we have the knowledge.and the power

All it takes is the will - the Spirit.

Spirit fix.

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Do something every day to further the causes of world healing and world peace, for the helpless children caught in the wake of violence, disease, and poverty.

If you truly care about them, and about yourself, even, and your own personal loved o­nes, let alone about the planet as a whole, become Vegan. It is the very best way to heal the planet and to feed all of the starving children now dying - o ne every few seconds!

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