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Our Better Natures

Our Better Natures

In viewing the excellent film – I’ll watch anything with the 
great actor, Max Von Sydow in the cast – ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’, 
I was melted when, at the end of the film, the character played by Ethan Hawke 
was finally visited by real love, which is giving, caring, and released his 
need to possess the girl he’d adored all of his life who loved another.

He had in his hands the means to get the rival for her hand imprisoned or 
executed, but in the end he was visited by grace, which is release, which 
is love and submission to God, and instead, let him, and her, go free. In 
the giving, the allowing of them to have each other, he freed himself.

We don’t know what happened to him, but we know that he was a better 
person – had become in fact a great person – in the doing.

He may have nursed this love his whole life long, but understood that giving 
is the essence of what love is.

If you love your pets, say, and yet do not wash their water bowls every day 
or give them what you yourself would drink in terms of fresh water and housing, 
then you really do not love.

If you serve your family with resentment, you do not love.

This is why the emphasis in all great religions is on service.

Love, without caring, is an empty concept.

Caring equals love.

Nurturance, giving o ne what one wants for himself is love.

Do unto others is not just about being kind, it’s giving in service 
to those in your own household, freely giving, wanting o nly the best for them 
and joyfully, willingly, providing it.

It’s attitude.

Not arrogance.

Not selfishness.

Not possession.

Finding our better natures is, like the character mentioned above, succumbing, 
giving in to that warmpth and softness inside that signals us when our souls 
are pouring forth true love.

It’s an alignment with spirit and with the very laws that order the 
difference between God and man, unless he’s enloightened.

We see it every day, but also, we see far too many examples of our worst natures 
at work in the world.

Our own homes, where most endure withholding of affection and love, is where 
killers are grown. Deprived of nurturing, giving love and tending, they o nly 
have their own worst natures to draw from in life.

Resentment is merely seething hatred and anger and is visited upon most – 
by far, o n most- children by their parents.

Few of us really know how to love.

Few of us have ever seen a real example of it.

Most stumble and fumble through life seeking what they lack – nurturance 
– in all the wrong places and expressing this need in all the wrong 

Charity – love – does – should start at home.

Allow your own better nature to prevail.

Give those around you the very best you can.

Allow that warm feeling to slow out of you.

It heals. Not only them – but yourself.

Love heals.

It’s the only thing that does.