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Love - What Love Is - Loveize !


"Love heals and nothing else will." - Ocean

This doesn't mean the trite kind of romantic love, or even receiving love at all. It refers to giving love.

Allowing the channels of compassion to open through one, making one a conduit of loving energy flowing from the Great Spirit through o ne and outward is the love that heals.

The receptacle, the channel, is healed as well as directing healing

The person becomes healing. Becomes love.

Isn't this what Jesus meant?

Try allowing the current of energy that is the closest thing to heaven into your own body right now - just ask God to open you to the Holy Spirit as she allows the most healing vibes to run through you, healing every part of you, perfecting you, and meanwhile, bless every being, every plant, everything in the universe, asking God to love through you.

Try this and feel the healing.
Do it often - many times daily.

Increase your capacity to love - ask God to open you and to remove any obstacles to your complete ability to love fully - to love all - to love unconditionally, as God does.

If you can't forgive, ask God to forgive through you - this I read in Catherine Ponder's work - the best of the Secret writers, who  lived in the first half of last century, and whose powerful love extends to us now by giving us the tools to understand the ancient texts like the New Testament, that gave us these tools for healing, for happiness, for understanding, and for participating in God's Love.

All the other animals know this - how to love unconditionally - and we are the only 
ones who must ask for this greatest of all gifts to be bestowed on us by God.