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LIke The WIllow



From a little child bemoaning his fallen (vegan) ice dream as he clutches his gooey cone to the image of the Pieta, loss is a constant companion among all the living beings.

What we do with this certainty can describe the happiness a person has or 
lacks throughout his life.

While many react with frustration to all things around them not ordered to 
their specifications, the happiest among us are flexible.

As I was counseling someone who was approaching a state of extreme disease to adjust his thinking patterns, I came up with a phrase meant to frighten him out of his life-long patterns - I said to him,� Being rigid 
only leads to rigormortis ' if you want life to stay, love life, approve 
of it, welcome it, otherwise - it will go away !'

The person was unwilling or unable to adopt this message of fluidity in time, 
and he, like so many others, preferred to have his own way in everything, 
even if it cost him his life.

He, like most, saw flexibility as 'giving in', as 'backing 
down', and equated being inflexible with being heroic.

Custer's last stand is a shining example of one type of useless rigidity, 
coupled with stupidity, but mainly an exercise in vanity which led other men 
who did not have a choice to their graves along with the General.

All of the religious and cosmic traditions entreat us to practice love without 
attachment. To learn to let go and to let God.

Tai Chi is an excellent practice which illustrates the flexibility we're 
speaking of here.

Dance of any kind engages the beauty of motion which underlies the entire 

The one constant is change.

The one right reaction is acceptance and flexibility.

Go with the flow and the force will always be with you.