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The search to find the answer for how to be slim is rampant in our country today. 
America contains more heavy people than any culture has ever known. 
In California, alone- which boasts one of the most fit, healthiest populations of the states - half of the children are overweight.
This places a tremendous strain not only on all of us who care about them, on the states, the schools, and their parents. This places a heavy burden o n each child
Emotionally, the pain must be difficult to bear, especially while growing up in this beauty-worshipping society, with media examples which are hard to follow popping up at every turn. The cruelty of other children in these cases must also be severe.

Health problems which used to be associated only with the aged are now turning up among very young populations of children.
This is just the kids!

Among adults, the situation is even more shocking.
There is a solution, and it is not only slimmizing, it is healthizing.
The cure is to 
Veganize !
To take o ne step, just o ne at a time, is the way to your dream of beauty, of slimness, of healthiness, and of happiness.
For instance, to substitute even just one meal a day to start with, with an all-fruit or all-veggie meal, will do wonders toward taking off pounds, and giving the body what it really craves- food it can function on. Fresh, cleansing, fruits and vegetables help the body to be what it was meant to be- lively, healthy, slim, and youthful which equals beauty! Although all body types and sizes are beautiful and should be accepted, the health risks of being overweight are many.
Breakfast, as is constantly pointed out in numerous best-selling health and nutrition books, should really just be fruit, that's it.
That's all your body requires, and fruit is cleansing, while veggies build up.
Adding variety with varying vegetables and fruits is fun, colorful, and very appetizing. Adding soaked nuts, like almonds, which mix up in a blender with water into a delightful nut milk, and seeds, like delicious pumpkin seeds, which contain multi-minerals, protein, and even have anti-parasitic properties, and taste wonderul, is the way to get healthy.
Getting healthy makes your mind clear and your mood lift. 
Getting happy makes you want to live. 
Wanting to live makes you attractive, vibrant, amped o n the idea of walking, of working out more, due to your renewed
strength, due to the fruit and veggie meals you're now eating, and doing this, moving your body, breathing fresh air, leads you to a new slim state, and this, coupled with your sweet soul, knowing it has saved animals' lives by eating vegan meals, will lift your spirit and make you as healthily beautiful as you were meant to be, whatever your basic shape is. (Why go vegan instead of vegetarian? Read  
Got Milk ?)
It's quite simple.
Avoid the junk and go for the colorful, fresh bouquets of fruits and vegetables just waiting to bless you with their sunshine and bounty!
Veganize, Slimmize and Healthize! You will Happyize and Beautifize too!

So, if you want to look like this in your bikini this summer, read all our Slimmize articles!
To adopt our Slimmizing system, continue on, and please read below to make sure your own body's requirements and pace are respected.


To change is to evolve.We are alive to improve, to Spirit Fix,

To change is first to decide to change. To do this, first ask God to make you a better vessel, in order to feel deserving. Be better to feel better and to look better.

Then, state your intention, preferably in the form of a prayer, asking God to send you the strength, the help, the information you need in order to control your appetites.

Why the plural of the word, appetite? Because there are many complex factors present in any addiction, and yes, those who overeat have an addiction to overeating as well as to eating the wrong types of food, which stands in for needs which one has learned to meet in the suicidal, disastrous way of food addiction.

Often, the need for personal attention has mutated into the comfort of giving o neself the attainable fix of food. Instead of a food fix, what we all need is a Spiritfix.


Please visit Yoga Mermaid , and start with an attitude adjustment, a prayer, some deep breaths, and a willingness to change into a compassionate being.

Doing this will make you happy, peaceful, reverent, and accepting of yourself. It will enable you to love yourself, size and all, flaws and all, and to extend love to your own, beseiged body, probably burdened now with excessive weight. To reach outside yourself, to extend your love to all helpless beings, to learn to love animals instead of to eat them, is not o nly an experience in health, but, more importantly, and experience in spirit.

Our system is unfolding, day by day, so visit often, and peruse 
all the facets of EcoMermaid, especially 
Veganize , and Healthize, (on menu at 
left), to learn the magic which is awaiting you! It's a wonderful adventure 
in the journey of life, and you will 
Healize completely along the way! 

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We' d Like To Make A Point o n All Our Pages Of Two Vital Facts:

  1. All People, Even All Vegans And Vegetarians, Need A Supplement Of Vitamin 
    B12, And We Implore All To Use Sublinguals,( Dissolve Under The Tongue) For 
    Vitamin B 12 Supplementation. Why? Because B12 Does Not Easily Gain Access 
    To The Body Via The Digestive Tract. Also, We'd Like To See All Vegans And 
    Vegetarians Use A B-Complex Vitamin. Source Naturals Makes A Fine Multi-B 
    Sublingual, And Twinlabs Makes A Nice B12 Subling. In Fact, All People Should 
    Supplement With A High-Quality Multi-Vitamin And A C-Complex. 
  2. All Should Consult A Physician and And We Endorse Holistic Physicians And 
    Naturopaths Who Use Nutrition, Supplements, And Alternative Approaches As 
    Well As The Usual Approaches To Healing - A List Of Your Closest Holistic 
    Physician Can Be Found At Acam.Org and Before Engaging In Any New Physical 
    Activity, And To Gain Knowledge Of Your Own Body Needs Via Testing, Especially 
    If You Are Currently Health-Challenged. No Radical Changes Should Be Employed 
    For The Weak, Ill, Or Elderly. We Endorse Slow, Comfortable Changes To Diet, 
    To Engaging In Exercising, To Everything. Your Body Loves Good Changes, And 
    Yet Needs A Little Time To Adjust, So Love Your Body, Give It What It Needs, 
    Which Is A Slow, Kind Transition Toward Healing And Renewal. To Avoid What 
    Is Known As Healing Crises, Is Another Reason To Take It Slowly. This Is When 
    The Body Is Finally Becoming Free Of Accumulated Waste And Storages Of Toxic 
    Matter. To Do Any Quick Cure, As Is Sometimes Recommended In Times Of Great 
    Threat From Disease, Please Consult A Holistic Doctor, A Naturopath, A Specialist 
    In Asian And Indian Healing Traditions, Or, Preferably, All Of Them. Maximize 
    Your Chances In Cases Of Emergency. After all, wouldn't we get several opinions 
    for almost anything else? What else is as important as o ne's own life or those 
    of loved o nes.