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The Sea Planet

Planet Sea

Our world is, when viewed correctly, like a fragile drop of water- a shimmeringly beautiful, but very fragile drop of lonely water in the midst of a vast and very empty universe.
We are the lifeforms gathered o n the crust of our planet who, alone, have the power to keep life 
not only continuing, but worth living.

To us, the Planet Sea, our home, is like a frail, young mermaid. A young planet, she is in need of protection from us.


The Mermaid Logo at stands for Her, for the Ultimate Mermaid, our planet, Sea.
We at Eco Magazine wish to inspire all of the world to Ecoize, to begin to think of our fragile planet in every daily decision, in our prayers, in the way we live our lives, for we really are all one.

EcoMermaid honors our planet and all beings that depend on us - as the only specie who CAN save the others, it is up to us, as trustees of our Planet by God, to help all life on our planet to thrive.

We portray Earth as a young, fragile, very sweet mermaid rather than as an older, and a gruff earth goddess.

Why is she really a youthful mermaid?

Because our planet is almost 80% water, that's why. And because we live on a young planet - we may as well speak of us and the planet as o ne, since we are merely a part of her ecosystem and utterly, entirely dependent on her health and thrival, let alone survival, for our own lives and health.

When we understand that she's an ally - and a sweet mermaid in need - a young and vulnerable mermaid - and not a mother figure to be conquered as she's sadly been seen all these millennia by humankind - we hope that most people will begin to appreciate the plight our one and only home is in and begin to make rational and heart-felt choices in emergency status that will save our lives and the lives of all other beings and places.

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The Sea Planet is our only home.
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DActivist  and protect her now!