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"Space, the final frontier", we dreamily imagine Captain Kirk's face 
as he views the universal view outside the huge window on the U.S.S. Enterprise, 
some of us, o n hearing this one word, space.

Others think of quiet areas, spare abodes,an openness of mind. Perhaps of a 
sweeping vista of the Rocky Mountain range or of the vast Alaskan wilderness.

Still more conjure up images of lofts, awaiting decorating, an inviting room 
in which to create.

To which we all join in our sarcastic choral refrain of ,"space case!" 
I, for one, was cited so often in school, my head propped on elbow, my mind 
faraway out the glass, that i still readily admit to this classification - and 
more - am proud of it. Einstein was a space case, after all, as are all geniuses 
and great artists. The mind itself is a vast reservoir of space, when viewed 
correctly, and a frontier on its' own - an empty canvas, a book ready to fill, 
an encyclopedic vaccum just waiting for a lifetime of memories to encompass.

The reason we wanted to explore this facet of concepts is really to embark 
on a logical journey through the idea of vast space, that is, the idea so prevalent 
today that there exists somewhere out there, a refuge, a loophole, another place 
to go.

The greedy corporate mind would have you believe that there is hope in that 
direction, but, first, think about it. Who do yo suppose would be the group 
allowed to vacate dramatically into a spaceship or two, given the extreme cost 
of such undertakings, and hoisted out, away from the destruction of our planet? 
s right, the heads of the very corporations who are steadily engaged in demolishing every shred of natural beauty, of resources, even in public lands.

Has the president invited you into the special underground bunker kept in readiness 
for him, and his, should an atomic blast answer o ne of his arrogant verbal parries 
to some underdeveloped but overequipped country in the world?

Of course not.

Neither will the lives of the multi-billions of people living in squalor, illness, 
and starvation, kept in continual bondage by overbreeding, helplessness, and 
ancient, outdated dogmatic chains.

No. Not o nly is there no
ne out there, but even if there were, why would we - oh, those polyannas constantly beaming out ,-here we are, take your best shot-, without our permission, mind you, making us all targets - why would any sane person just assume that o nly friendly spacelings would respond if they did in fact exist?

Once again, a lesson in the fierce hold not only of habit, but of addictions, 
and of the dreaminess of wishful thinking. Pretending we have a safety net, 
we continue to do our death-defying suicidal leaps, dragging the innocent natural 
world behind us.

space fix

It's time to shed those old-timey dogmatic ways stuck to our shoes like 
so much dung as we'
d travelled our step-by-step treks out of tiny populations of tribal settlements. Then, yes, it was important to breed, to make preserving the human race a priority, but now? Take a look at the highway next time you drive.

Then think of your own quality of life.

Think of the rising property prices, of the scarcity of desirable land, of the 
need for space.

Not the kind we dream of o n starry nights, but the kind we and all of nature 
needs, real space, the normal workaday practical kind of space we all need just 
to move around in.

Who wants to be shoved into people while taking a walk, having strangers cough 
into your own - space?

Who wants to compete with umpteen other applicants for every nice space or job?

Who wants the highways to spill into yet another new graduating class of crazy 
drivers every spring, spewing out ever more pollution all over your space and 
in your face?


Yes, space is an essential.

The space to stretch out in, to relax in, to take a deep breath in. It's 
an absolute requirement for quality of life.

Have you seen those tiny cubicles the japanese use as hotels? They are the size 
of mortuary spaces, and make me shudder just to see them.

Claustrophobia equals sanity in this case.

The corporate world is happily shoving us all in that direction, while they, 
the heads, live in palatial and spacious splendour at the coasts, where the 
air might still be almost breathable, the masses who pay for their tip of the 
pyramid schemes bask in their self-righteous glory, content that yes, god must 
have loved them more, or he wouldn't have given them the sociopathic smarts 
to enjoy the spoils of the labor of others.

A little honest vehemence is in order here.

It�s normal to be upset over the living conditions of beings all over 
the world- people, and animals, plants, the environment, everything.

If we don't start taking notice and do something, the already disastrous 
situations will worsen as these corporations seek to instill this breeding imperative 
into every new life, rampant breeding which will benefit only the corporations.

Why do they want more people in this overpopulated world? Because more people 
mean more need for products, more poor people mean lower wages, more helplessness, and misery, like with more and more broken homes, means that sad people buy more toys they can't afford.

Who loses? Everyone but the stockholders.

Wake up! Do something!

Fill the space inside your head with a healthy intention to do something today. 
Act. Save. Care.

Follow these links and save the world. Save yourself.


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