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Our beautiful, sea-green Planet,Sea needs our help.This is talked about on TV, in radio, and yet most of us either have not understood the urgency, or have sought to hide in denial.Many of us simply feel like there might not be anything we can actually do.Those who do not stand up for all life become part of the problem.The state of urgency was first sounded over two centuries ago.

Since then, we have bounded forward, no holds barred, fuelled with excessive greed by the major corporations, the governments of the world, and the survival mode forced upon most of our planet' s populations.Now the situation has gone into the emergency zone.In the last few years, the mass destruction of our forests, our waters, our air, our earth, of every vital resource, has gone into warp speed.

All sanity would urge the saving of our own home, and yet, the powers that be demand ever more and more, seemingly uncaring of any consequence for us, or for any other animal or place.The drive to be the best, to have the most, to do whatever o ne can do, is an inherent flaw in the evolutionary design of the human specie. This compulsive breeding frenzy must stop !

And yet, our brains work in such a capacity that we can and do see the future- the consequences- of our actions, and yet another part of our make-up, the huge capacity we have for denial, comes into play, along with other self-destructive tendencies, like, wanting to push the envelope, to cliff-hang, to push beyond endurance.The macho need to exceed is obviously pushing the world' s leaders and the captains of industry, and they, in turn, are pushing all the world' s citizens right off the edge.

If this insanity, these primal urges, are not arrested by the saner minds among us, and by the masses of ordinary and decent human beings who will decide, finally, to stop these crass and infantile, these murderous o nslaughts against the o nly home we will ever have, there will be no tomorrow.

Maybe many of these men and women do not care because they feel they wonà t be around to experience tomorrow anyway.Perhaps their egocentric push to dominate, to take, to win, their goal-setting agendas to make money above all else, have eclipsed anything good and fine in their hearts.

Most likely, this all is a manifestation seen in other overpopulations, like in the behaviour of lemmings, who will bite and claw, attempt to wrest control and space and resources from all others, and, finally, drive each other off cliffs, and even themselves, in their avaricious instincts, brought into play o nly when the specie's populations have grown way out of hand.Our own human population has grown to such an overwhelming extent, and continues to do so in a horrifying manner, that we long since had passed a number which our planet could safely maintain.

The quality of life for each other, for other humans, is suffering mightily, and will get much, much worse.

Just witness your own home freeway. Think about it, as you drive along. Do you remember how it was just o ne year ago? Scary, isnà t it.Next time, when someone sends you an invitation to his or her graduation, think about this- for each class graduating, there are millions and millions more, and for each of these students, probably in sixteen years, their numbers will have at least doubled, and so on, and so on.

Think about the starving masses all around the world. Next time you get an announcement of someone ha s new baby, think of this too - that  by choosing to have that baby, they have caused the death of at least o ne other child in the world, but given the huge discrepancy in their lack of income and our exorbitantly abundant funding, o ne who decides to have a birth instead of rescuing a child who will certainly die could easily save the lives of several children, or even more. So, by this selfish act, by having a child instead of saving some, that person has by doing so condemned those children he or she could have saved, to death.

And yet, while countless numbers of children die miserably and painfully every day, we, in so-called advanced socieites, keep having kids! It's just not sane !

Far from offering congratulations when you next hear of someone awaiting a birth, the proper reaction is o ne of deep sorrow for the o nes who could have been saved by having been invited into this home instead, and the horror of knowing someone who is so cold and egocentric and simply uncaring. See ChildFix

Just as for each pet you buy from a pet store or a breeder you cause the death of another who might have been adopted from a shelter instead, ( see )so, too, by being selfish enough to think of having a child, you have caused the death of another, already living a very hard existence. You who want children could save a life instead.

Does this make sense? That an advanced, educated, prosperous nation, or nations, would turn their backs o n their own kind, and be so self-centered and cruel as to allow the rest of the world to starve as they go about their daily consumerism, uncaring, if there were not something very, very wrong ?

Enlightenment is not found in religion, apparently, or in the media, certainly. At least if we use our minds, our logic, our spirits, to find the way, we can be the o nes who care. We can find solutions to the problems of our planet, and we can fix them, together.

It is logical to have no more children when there are so many starving. It is basic to want to learn to run electric cars, and to find clean energy, and to stop the polluting industries. It is natural to want to find humane ways to treat all other animals and to save our forests, our wildlands, our plants. It is obvious that all people are alike, and can communicate easily. That we are clever enough to heal this planet, if we all just use our minds, and stop seeing through the pervertions of old-fashioned predjudices, outdated religiosities and the most evil who operate out of naked greed.

Plain logic. The o ne gift used the least when talking about how to heal things, and yet the o ne thing which will work.

Think of the world as o ne household. The house is small, the income fixed, and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will suffer and each will have less food, they will put o­ne out to starve, close the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children.

The best choice, is, of course, to stop having children ( see ), and to take care of the o nes who are already alive!

No o ne really wants abortion as a cure to overpopulation. Sterilization is the obvious choice.

For males, getting a vasectomy is a simple, in-office, non-surgical operation after which the man may return to work! More and more men are seeking this procedure, which guarantees that they will not be caught in having to support children they did not seek to create. Go Though a bit more involved, sterilization for women is also a wonderful alternative.

To offer these operations to less developed countries would be a kindness, and would stop the suffering of millions of helpless babies and children, who will, if born, eventually starve to death.

Starvation is a horribly painful death.

Please help spread the word, and let' s pull together to take care of our own - our own is the whole planet, since we are the o nly animals capable of rational thought and constructive action.

Let's Planet Fix today!  

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