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One Hundred Pounds Lighter and Now Vegetarian, Ruben Studdard Getting Healthy

From Time Magazine
We know that fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts are healthy. There are any number of studies that show that consuming more of these plant-based foods reduces the risk for a long list of chronic maladies (including coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes and many cancers) and is a probable factor in increased longevity in the industrialized world

Children, who are signing on to vegetarianism much faster than adults, may be educating their parents. Vegetarian food sales are savoring double-digit growth.

There are as many reasons to try vegetarianism as there are soft-eyed cows and soft-hearted kids. To impressionable young minds, vegetarianism can sound sensible, ethical and—as nearly 25% of adolescents polled by Teenage Research Unlimited said—"cool." College students think so too. A study conducted by Arizona State University psychology professors Richard Stein and Carol Nemeroff reported that, sight unseen, salad eaters were rated more moral, virtuous and considerate than steak eaters. "A century ago, a high-meat diet was thought to be health-favorable," says Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania. "Kids today are the first generation to live in a culture where vegetarianism is common, where it is publicly promoted on health and ecological grounds." And kids, as any parent can tell you, spur the consumer economy; that explains in part the burgeoning sales of veggie burgers (soy, bulgur wheat, cooked rice, mushrooms, onions and flavorings in Big Mac drag) in supermarkets and fast-food chains.
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from this, on sf veganism
That's what led me to giving up leather -- that, and the emergence of chic vegan shoes and clothing from boutiques such as Otsu, a sunny storefront in the Mission that has helped revamp the City's vegan style quotient. The shop, which opened in 2002, is part of a wave of new expressions of the vegan life in the Bay Area. 
There are vegan magazines, like VegNews, vegan artwork, like Lart Cognac Berliner's dreamy sketches, vegan music, vegan porn and vegan dating. We have vegan ice cream sundaes at Maggie Mudd in Bernal Heights, where vegan mommy groups bring their little charges for a treat. We have vegan meatballs at Safeway, and even vegan options at several of the area's soup kitchens. 
The spread of the vegan parallel universe is most obvious in the supermarket. "The availability and selection of vegan foods was much less when I became a vegan," Connelly points out. "I mean, now you can go into 7-Eleven and get soy milk."

lists of celeb comments pro veganism, dr phil says vegan kids are great!

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