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Heroic Mers

Heroic Mers

Savior Mers - the Heroic Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaids and Mermen as lifeguards are a standard idea in some of the old myths we still adhere to today.

The sort of guardian angel type mermaid and merman supposedly swim in the 
swallow waters around people or hover under ships in the deep ocean and like 
to come to our assistance when needed.

The idea that the Mers adore us and somehow idolize us enough to risk their 
own lives and being found out is a cherished notion, especially since we are 
no longer water creatures and so many have a fear of drowning.

Since whales - usually the smaller variety, like dolphins and porpoises 
since they can swim closer to both shore and vessel - have many times 
in documented history saved people from drowning and even sometimes deposit 
them o nto the beach we like to think of mermaids and mermen swimming o n the ready just in case.

There have been cases of people who were drowning feeling the upward motion 
of an arm carrying them to the surface. Some see these as angels. Others, 
as mermaids or mermen.

Either way, this is definitely under the SweetMermaid's realm and these 
are certainly sweet tales.

We�ll have some beautiful stories of this type of SweetMermaid Tale 
in the near future, so swim back in often to Sweet Mermaid's Sea !