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The Mers

Intro to The Mers, Ocean's Epic Trilogy 

The Mers

Myth Mermaid, Story Mermaid, and FairyTale Mermaid have many Mer Tales about the Mers to share with you.

We present some of their stories and books in shortened versions pursuant to the offerings of their entire storybooks for purchase.

Please remember that the stories, characters, plots, ideas, and phrases are all copyrighted and created by Ocean, that they are protected by the law, and while we allow you to read them, to print them out, and to enjoy these samples of the upcoming books and stories, remember to respect the author's talent and creations.

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The Mers

The Mers are the Mermaids and Mermen of the seas.

The Mers

Exerpts from The Mers, by Ocean

Just beyond the sea oats, beyond the sand bluffs and the turning tides, just beyond our fields of vision, know that they are there.
The Mers.
Not like us, and yet, looking in some ways like our tailed doubles, the Mermen and Mermaids live out their lifetimes - how long? how long do they live? - in the swirling, liquid mass of silvery sensations, in the sea green underworld of the world's great oceans, and, until now, we were not sure even if they existed!
Of course, for long eons, some lucky few of the humans had had small glimpses of them, and then, there are the other stories - I'm almost scared to utter them now!- about the ones who stalk us and even take us down into the depths with them...
I'm not yet sure how great their powers are, but this I do know - they possess powers that humans can only dream of!

The myths and stories abound throughout human history - of Mers - of fabulous dreams and of romantic encounters - of mysterious swimmers under full moons, of hauntingly beautiful voices o n dark summer nights, of those who disappear suddenly, after having met a sea being and fallen under a spell.

How are we to know what is real and what has been remembered unclearly?
How to understand fact from fiction? How to untangle the truths from the illusions and from the desires we all feel deep inside to return to the Sea from which all life began?

Our Mer authority - our link with the Mers - has her own story to tell, of how she was contacted by a Mer, elected by the Mer Council in their determination to find humans who can understand them, and to whom they can relate their own wishes, aims, and histories.


One of the tales our secret Mer contact related to our own human contact was this one :

Away in the wild seas that wash the rocky shores along the Northern Coast of Australia lives a MerNation, a tribe that varies from most of the Oceania groups in this way - among the mores of their societies, it is more often the case that a female Mer rather than as usual, a Mer couple, will hold the chair, so to speak, of leadership for the entire group.
One of these female leaders who in the old days was called, "Princess", we've already read about as The Princess Mermaid.
She, like our own Elizabeth I, which whom she had more than a few things in common, decided never to merge formally with a Merman, although she did have many MerBoys in her past, and decided to remain as sole ruler and to guide the Nation to ever more advanced reforms.
Although the Mers do not, as a rule, need much counseling anyway, they enjoy getting together in large or small groups and discussing the important issues.
And sexism isn't as great an issue for the Mers, either, but the mightiness of the MerMales, as in our own specie, dictates a few advantages for the rougher sex, and bestows a certain majesty and prestige o n them that, as in human beings, sometimes leads them to more active displays of testosterone-soaked warfare and other forms of competitive actions.

During the time of the great European invasions of the South Seas, there were mass demonstrations among the Mers, and the concensus of their demands were to arm everyone and to swim up and to actively engage the humans who were threatening to destroy the native Aborigine culture, the other animals, and the despoil the sea as well as the land with their rude and soulless assaults o n the sub-continent and its' regional islands.

Although there have been, of course, many instances of Mers having exacted vengeance or having actively protected whom and what they love and value against the nefarious activites of encroaching humans, this was the first time in relatively recent history, that they had seriously begun a large-scale movement toward a widely organized campaign against the invaders.

Many times, in human stories and even in formal histories, the disappearances of whole civilizations, or of shiploads of men and of isolated cases where either groups or individuals of questionable intent have been explained away in any terms other than that which actually accounts for the solving of these mysteries - the Mers had redressed these assaults in their own way.

The Mers had universally agreed upon one thing - that they would stay incognito, that they would avoid the very human passion of curiosity and would remain much more effective by retaining their anonymity, and in fact, their complete privacy, and to do everything they could as a species to keep the humans from believing that they exist.

This was more than a tradition - it was a sworn tactic, an inherent instinct born into the Mers, and a law among their cultures. Keep the humans out.
Although there have been some well-known liasons with land people, and some romances, and many other types of interchanges, the bulk of the species of humans does not believe that Mers exist, and they have no idea about how they think, judging from the Mer materials that most of the storybooks are made of.

So, given this atmosphere of staying secretive, of keeping their world under the sea completely mysterious and out-of-bounds of humans, understand how revolutionary was this large uprising among the Mers of the Australian region during the reign of The Princess Mermaid.

The leader of the group that wanted to fight the humans and to drive them back to Europe, hopefully, or at least back to the Americas, was named Lexyr, and he was a large, impressive MerMale, o ne of the most vocal and warlike of all the Mers of the time.

He was also o ne of the males who held the belief that at least any female ruler should have a husband.
Although Mers are normally more peaceful, when they see brutality and outright cruelty being engaged in, they feel compelled to act to protect the innocent.

It was
this paternalistic and nurturing urge, The Princess Mermaid knew, that impelled Lexyr in his impassioned pleas for the Mers to stop the humans from ruining Australia and all the surrounding areas, in order to protect the habitat for all of the flora and fauna.

At an historic meeting, in front of the entire population of the Mers, The Princess Mermaid met with Lexyr, as an equal, and gave him her hand in friendship as they retired to the long benches made of sea rock that are used in the Great UnderSea Hall where such Palatial meetings and councils are held.

We must picture the scene - there is everyone's favorite ruler, The Princess Mermaid, replete in her golden scaled tail, her hair adorned with golden-hued shells and her golden eyes shining in natural elegance as her golden skin was set off by her jet black hair.
Lexyr noticed how he seemd to melt at their meeting, and how soft her hand was in his own, its' long fingers slightly touching the palm of his open hand.

He felt the weight of his emotions at having respected this iconic ruler all his life, and the fact of her personal magnetism and her exquisite femininity almost overwhelemed him in his purpose.
Her purpose, though, was to keep the nations of the Mers safe in the face of this new menace.
They'd heard how, as the white humans had begun their Westward invasions, their cruelty to the loving native populations, with whom the Mers had shared so much, including their deep reverence for the Planet, Sea, Herself, threatened the survival of every place and of every being.

Until now, the South Seas had been relatively peaceful - unmolested by the incessant appetites and horrors brought by the whites to other regions, and yet now, they had arrived.
Now their behavior had, if anything, increased in violence and in hatred toward every other being.

Now, Lexyr thought, is the time to stem this invasion and to show the humans who actually rules the oceans!


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The Mers - Intro

This section is all about the Mers!

The Mers, of course, are all the families of Mermaids and Mermen, and, although all the Mers are, naturally, fish, some are, like the mermaids and mermen, shaped like our familiar land animals, including humans!

Follow our Mer stories, and you’ll learn how we managed to find out 
all about the Mers, and how they live, what they like to do, how they do all that they do, and more – what they feel and think about!

Myth Mermaid is our Mer authority, and she’ll be bringing you more and more stories and tales – ah-hum, tails, that is – about the Mers 
as we go along!

And soon, there will be the Mer books on your favorite bookstore shelves!

We’ll be offering some Mer ebooks right here in the next few months, 
so enjoy the stories, and swim back often to find out what we’ve learned 
about the Mers!

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