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Story Mermaid Story 1 - The Summoning by Ocean


Story Mermaid - Story 1

The Summoning

by Ocean

It was a long time ago, in a distant sea.

The sea we find beyond India, to the right of Africa, called the Arabian Sea.

The ocean was calm that night. Too calm.

The air had been so hot that day, that the load of spices they carried had 
steamed out of the lowest holds and had perfumed every breath, making the 
crew drowsy.

The sharp smell of ginger from the Far East, and the cloves from Indonesia. 
Cinnamon and some spices we in North Africa don’t have names for – 
the fragrance floated all around and seemed to cloak them in a mysterious 
cloud of magic.

There was o ne among the Arabic crew, o ne from more northern realms, from 
a kingdom known as Cyprus, a finely-featured lad, young and said to have been 
stolen from another ship, o ne who was o n board now as a hostage. 

They would offer him for sale to the Sultan, when they went North again, up 
to Istanbul.

He might bring a good price.

But this they did not know at the time – he was no ordinary boy - he 
had magic in him.

He did not need anyone’s help.

He would find his own way home, or wherever he chose to go.

For now, he was having a fine time, working alongside the crew, sailing on 
the beautiful seas with these sometimes cargo-haulers, sometimes pirates, 
on this gorgeous dhow – a smallish ship with squarish sails- o ne of 
the kind we still see today in that part of the world.

When all the crew went fast asleep, that night, they later wondered if he’d 
brought a spell o nto them to make them beyond hearing, beyond their senses, 
but there were several who swore that what I’m going to tell you is 
true –

As one by one the small crew fell asleep, the quietness of the night itself 
only broken by the tiny splashes as little fish would break the surface now 
and then, and as the huge moon – full and glazed with the palest yellow 
light – made every detail clear and golden, the young captive stood 
and approached the side of the craft.

He spread out his arms in both directions and stood high o n his feet, his 
head back, like a sorcerer, summoning…

Those who watched wondered if he was going to dive into the water and commit 
suicide right there and then !

But no, his voice emerged slowly, first from a deep whisper, a sort of rumble, 
reminiscent of the whispering of elephants and great seals, and growing steadily 
into a kind of hum- an incantation, I suppose, - they supposed, later – 
but could it have been a call? 

A call to his mate ?

Suddenly, a slap on the surface of the water, and then – then, as I 
live and breathe, the man who told me swore on it ! The beautiful head of 
a bright mermaid, incandescent, glowing in the dark, she was – and staring 
at the young man, a smile o n her face as her arms slowly treaded the water !

A mesmerizing mermaiden with dark, dark eyes, glistening in the light of the 
moon - her dark tresses so lush, so thick and all of her glowing with a phosphorescent magic – with millions of tiny lights in al colors of green, like the 
ocean itself when the moon sparkles in reflections, prismatic and enthralling !

Now and then, she’d duck her head under and breathe a nice lungful 
of seawater, but otherwise, she held her pretty head upward and returned his 
call !

And her voice- her voice was like they’ve always told us – unbelievably 
pure – beautiful beyond words – if the crew had not been dulled 
and heavy by the young man’s spell, by the moonlight, by the fragrance 
of the spcies o n the hot, hot air, then, who knows ?

They might have all been compelled to leap in after her – so entrancing 
was that voice !

Nothing was said, just the high voice of the mermaid, the siren’s call 
to her mate, as

she answered him, and then, at that moment, with all still and magic afloat, 
he dove headfirst into the water – and they swore, they all swore, the 
ones who saw it all, that mid-flight, while his long, slender body was suspended 
in that brief moment, shining in the moonlight, his legs were turning into 
a tail !

He, too, a mer ! And after he'd resurfaced from that perfect dive and he'd enjoyed his refreshing reunion with the cold dark sea in a deep dive, his handsome face sought out her beautiful one as their lips met and then they embraced right there on the surface of the water and he was now too glowing with a phosphorescence like when those magical little beings come ashore to mate and turn the shores into millions of lights – he, too, was a magical water creature and then, just as they were taking in their breaths in fear and awe, both heads slid under the dark waters 
of the Arabian Sea and they were gone !

Next day, the crew were afraid to tell what they’d seen to the others. 
Afraid they’d be ridiculed, afraid they’d be punished by the captain 
for not stopping him, the captive – he’d been worth the money 
they’d earn on one entire trip !

And yet, from then on, that particular crew was much more careful about who 
they’d bring aboard their boat.

They’d all gotten off lightly that voyage, they well knew.

Next time, they might not be so lucky !

So, remember, one and all, we know the merfolk walk among us at times.

We know they can trade in their tails for land-legs almost whenever they please !

So treat everyone you meet with kindness, lest you, too, become the witness 
to a magical spell ! Or worse ! We all know of merpeople who’ve taken 
a fancy to o ne of our own kind, and who’ve bade them follow whether 
of their own accord or not, into the deep !

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