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Story Mermaid's Story 2 - SoulMates - by Ocean


This is Story Mermaid’s Second Story in Our Series of MerStories

Story 2

by Ocean

This time – remember our source has not been revealed yet – but 
we know that someone along the line has either disclosed this inside information 
to o ne of us humans, or either o ne of our supposed humans is actually a Mer 
in disguise, or one of the Mers has confided these stories to one of us...

Follow the stories and find out the answer to this puzzling mystery !

There was a group of young students camping out for the last time together before graduation. They were high school seniors. There were both girls and boys, and they’d moved all their begrolls o nto the beach, 
where there was a mild breeze blowing. The sea birds had all gone to 
their night palces and were quiet, but now and then, a seal swam by, watching 
the group in mild curiosity. They were on the California coast of the 
U.S., and even the summer nights there are cool. They were all bundled up and there was
a full moon overhead. The night was more beautiful than can possibly be imagined.

Suddenly, a girl walked into the area – a girl none of them had known 
but o ne they’d all noticed before, walking along the beach at nighttimes, 
all alone.

She smiled enigmatically to them and they signaled her to come and to join 
them. They thought she might be lonely.

She was a frail girl, younger than they. They thought she might be a runaway. 
Her long hair fell in silky strands down her slight back, and she wore a sarong, 
like a Polynesian girl might. Her features were fine and she had an air of 
aloofness that made them think she might be shy.

They invited her to join their group and to join in their tale-telling. They’d 
decided to each share a story with the group before going to sleep. 

Most told stories about their daily lives, and some of them, about surfing 
or other average activities.

As they talked and laughed and told their stories about school and home and 
travel, she listened and didn’t say much, but when it was her turn to 
tell a tale, she pondered for a moment, and then began to speak – this 
is what she told them -

Sea Cruise

(Synopsis of a longer story which is in the upcoming book. All stories and 
articles published are protected by copyrights. All rights reserved.)

The others on board had noticed this attractive but very forlorn woman, drifting 
alongside her vivacious friend at dinner and strolling along the ship at sunset.

It appeared that the friend was frantically attempting to interest the woman 
in something – in anything she could.

Often, when the friend was busy elsewhere, or when she could get away, the 
woman would be seen leaning over the rails, gazing into the water below.

Her dark hair would fly around her face, whipping around wildly in the wind 
as she stood, motionless, transfixed apparently, or merely completely passive.

No o ne else knew why.

None dared to approach her. 

Something about her told them she wished to be absolutely alone – or, 
alone with her own thoughts.

She’d gone on a cruise to stop the heart inside her – most literally.

She’d lost her soul mate o nly four months before, and everyone she knew 
had been worried for her safety.

She’d stayed inside her apartment and if it hadn’t been for her 
best friend and her father, she wouldn’t have eaten at all or certainly 
not enough to keep her alive.

Finally, they’d all combined their gift money and bought her a ticket 
to go on a cruise with her best girlfriend.

When they told her, she listlessly accepted this, as she had almost everything 
since the tragedy had occurred, as if she had hardly noticed and worse – 
as if she did not care in the least what happened to her or anyone else- not 
now, not any more.

On the cruise ship, the activities merely reminded her of her finace who’d 
so recently died. How all she wanted to do was to be with him, no matter what, 
for better or for worse, the way they’d always planned.

He’d been a big wave surfer. one day, one ordinary day in Hawaii, one of
the big waves he’d always ridden so easily just folded over him and 
took him away.

His body was never found.

Was she searching the dark water for some sign of him ? Some impossible last 
image reflected back as the waves would churn, tossing the glossy mirrors of 
the sky upward and all around her ? Did some part of her believe in the impossible ?

Then one night ,after all on the ship were asleep, even the partiers who 
stayed up late, she placed the note she’d written days before on the 
pillow next to her friend, sighed, and slowly walked out of the cabin, down 
the hallways, onto the deck, where she lingered for just a moment, watching 
the fullest moon in the twinkling starlit sky that she ever remembered, watching the 
moon for the last time, and then she dove, arms ahead of her, life, she’d 
left behind.

As she cascaded down, down into the clear sea water and the darkness began 
to enfold her, enfold her as easily as that last big wave had enfolded her 
beloved that day , she felt a sudden stop, felt herself 
be turned around and felt herself being held – cradled in the arms of 

Already she was dizzy from the intake of the sea into her air-breathing lungs.

Already she was light-headed, and expected to see a light, the light, and 
then the face of her beloved!

And then, as she raised her head to look into the eyes of the one who held 
her, she gasped – it was he who held her – he WAS there ! and 
yet, although the face and dark, curly hair and everything was just the same as it had 
been just four months before when he was living, she felt a difference -

Instead of swimming – the motion you’d expect, with legs churning 
awkwardly in the water below as he held her in his arms, there was a stronger, 
steady, and more fluid motion- the motion of a tail!

He was now a merman! Was he? How could it be ? 

She never knew, as they faded into the deep indigo water, as the soft vision 
of the moon glided slowly away, into the swaying currents of the water above 
them, if what she was experiencing was real , or merely a product of the process 
of dying, of drowning, like being part of a dream. Or even if she was being 
bourn away into a sacred heaven all their own.

She didn’t care.

All that mattered was that he, at last, was there

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