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Story Mermaid

by Ocean

Collected From A Real Mermaid - Sea Tales of Centures Past, As Transmitted to Ocean, the Singer, by The Mermaid of The Mermaid Blog!

Mermaids are Known to Tell Tales to the Humans Who Drift Into Their Underwater Realms, Just as They're Known to Comb Their Hair, Be Fond of Shiny Baubles, and to Sing!
The Mermaids and Mermen Who Love to Contribute Mer Tales to Eco Magazine Present Some Spooky - and Some Sweet - Stories Share Them Here at the Story Mermaid's Sea

Story Mermaid 

Ecoize is pleased to announce that Book Mermaid, the author of Story MermaidMyth MermaidFairytale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of Magical  literature and drawings, collectively known as The Mermaid Tales, by Ocean, has finished one great suspense thriller novel, has three more books about to emerge, and is about to release a new CD too!  So keep swimming into Book Mermaid and find out her books that will be appearing here very soon ! Our collective breaths are being held for the immanent publishing of the first book of The Mers, Ocean's Epic Trilogy on our favorite subject - Mermaids and Mermen! So keep swimming in to Book Mermaid's Sea here at !

Of course, we post synopses of her writings, and as such we’ve only had a glimpse of her intricate world of writings, so get ready for the fascinating sagas that her creative mer-mind leads us to ! She has assured us that she will continue to work with, and to showcase her lovely writings and drawings with us in the future, since she believes in all the things Ecoize stands for. After all, it’s the best mermaid site on the net !

Please remember that everything o n our site is copyrighted – plots, characters, drawings, logos, writings, and ideas, and are protected by law, so always remember to give credit where it's due !

Who doesn’t love a spookily good ghost story ? Or a tale of intrigue ? 

Or of Magic ?

Here at Story Mermaid, we have all of these and more.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid who transmits her magical tales to Ocean, the singer, also keeps the Mermaid Blog.

She's a very forward-thinking Mer, and has made unprecedented contact with a human in order to combine our forces and to save our Planet, Sea!

The Mers in Myth

The mermaid is a very haunted and haunting image and concept throughout the history of humankind, as is the merman, and we’d like to shiver your timbers, in the old lingo of seamen, who’d no doubt regale and entertain themselves with tales spun out under starlit nights as the ships rolled and tossed on the waves and the whales sung their plaintive tunes, as the land-lubbers who also gazed out at the mysterious seascapes and those who waited for seafarers who might never return...

Let’s Begin. 

The Mermaid's Tales

Swim down into your most comfortable zone and chill out 
with us as we explore some of these magical nautical realms –

Carry yourself back a few centuries and pretend, just for now, that you 
were a young boy, playing along the dockside on, say, a North African Mediterranean 
sea front one day, playing where your parents had many times admonished you 
not to go near, and yet, this day, you’d decided to break the rules 
and to stray far afield from your usual playgrounds.

And the next, you found yourself, after having been snatched suddenly by the back 
of your shirt, on board a pirate ship, bound for the wild, mysterious Western seas, toward the Caribbean Sea !

(Scary enough already ! But did you know that the one who first told these stories to that long-ago storyteller, that old mariner, on board the very pirate ship you were captured to work on was a real Mermaid ? Yes ! And these have been handed down and carried far beneath the oceans, and our own Story Mermaid, Ocean, has been told these tales too by The Mermaid who also transmits the Mermaid Blog to her, and Ocean  has collected them and has consented to retell these stories as The Mermaid Tales just for us at Mermaid Books !)

But say, now that you’ve found yourself aboard, with no way to jump ship, and 
nothing to do but to make the best of it and to follow orders – to save 
your life - and, as we’ve already seen – you’re not very 
good at having to follow rules.

But, now, you’re here. You’ve been swabbing decks and running 
errands all over the ship, and you’ve found out you were born with, 
blessed with, having sea legs, meaning the craning and rocking of the huge 
ship does not affect you at all.

You were a born sailor, in fact.

Not only that, but you’d secretly dreamed of someday going out into 
the world, finding out what lay beyond that liquid horizon you’d grown 
up around.

Now, it’s nighttime, and, tired as you are, you are cold, and you stay 
close to the stove area in the hold as the winds croon eerily across the deck 
above and the huge waves are battering from every side.

You’re now going out of the Mediterranean Sea, past the looming, misty, huge Rock of Gibralter, into the great, great ocean, the Atlantic, where the worst storms are, where the Great White Sharks swim, where some you’ve known or heard tell of have gone before and have never returned, but where such wild tales have frightened everyone so much that most of the crew members would forever have to be Shanghaied – that is, kidnapped ! No one would willingly venture that far - not in those days !

You’re a survivor, though, and you’ll bide your time, fit in, 
and as the eldest of the crew, the cook, starts talking, you draw closer. 
He’s the one whose had most sympathy with you so far. He’s even 
given you a bit of extra food and a bit of conversation on occasion.

You note how sun-cracked his skin is, how knarled and knobby his brown hands look as he holds his pipe to his lips. His crinkled eyes look like they’re focusing on some faraway place, and his deep, raspy voice lulls your imagination, conjuring you into another world…he's remembering when he, too, was only a mere lad, was also kidnapped in his turn, and, when he'd grown up a little, he'd met a beautiful Mermaid, yes,..yes...and she'd told him, many moonless nights, as he'd hang over the side of the ship, listening to her mesmerizing voice, listening as she'd tell him wonderful tales, and he'd listen as her voice crooned to him, whispering...whispering...

Swim Down and Enjoy 
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The Mers, c.2005-13, EMermaid,Inc., OceanTM, All Rights Reserved.
Reprints by Permission only from

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