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Scary Mermaids

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Scary Mermaid

Look out - you've swum into the Scary Mermaid's Sea !

Here, we can follow mermaid tales, inquiries into the ways of the scary mermaids and mermen, and attempt to explain why they are that way.

But look out ! ScaryMermaid loves to tell tales that will curl your hair, or even - even - make you grow a tail !

For tamer tales - and tails- visit Sweet Mermaid's Sea.

Scary Mermaids

Aside from the very tame and cleaned- up varieties of children’s mermaids 
and, of course, of our own very sweet and helpful mermaids here at EcoMermaid –

and by the way, EcoMermaid herself stands for our sweet, young, fragile green 
Planet, Sea – mistakenly called earth by some long ago land-lubbing egocentrists -

aside from these versions, most of the mermaids from myths in history are 
very wild and very dangerous.

Not only nullified and sweetified, but also so tame, like the Little Mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen, that she had become, like Mary, a self-sacrificing and sorrowful figure whose statue today weeps in desolation and despair in Copenhagen's Harbor. Her only happiness came from a suicidal selflessness which so touched the angels in heaven that they came to collect the poor little thing and allow her to become one of them. Of course, the fairytale ignores the fact that all angels are male, fierce, and emotionless, - but we like our dieties harmless ! Plus - The Little Mermaid is a completely racist book! She wasn't good enough for him, due to being of another race! 

We have a plethora of pulchritudinous and stevia-sweet mermaids coming to our Mythize, FairyTale Mermaid, and Story Mermaid areas, and we have - for those who like their stories chilled - some very scary mermaids and mermen stories too, but we think it wiser to keep them apart - in entirely different oceans, actually - after all, what chance would our sweeties have against the entirely wicked mean mermaids ?

So, for ease of all, we’ll categorize our articles and tales as -

Sweet Mermaids and Scary Mermaids,

for those of you who’d like to know first !

Scary Mermaid Articles

Dangerous Mermaids


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