Mer Sprites

Mer Sprites!

MerSprites are, like the MerPixies, a little smaller than the more numerous varietites of Mermaids and Mermen in the Seven Seas making up our Great Oceans on our Planet, Sea!

Here is an example of one MerSprite, who, caught in the lens of a very, very lucky beach-goer o­ne day, is quite surprised! 

Just before she turned and disappered under the waves, her lovely face was captured for us all to see!

As with many of the Mers, and especially of the MerSprites and MerPixies, as well as the MerFairies, she - our lovely MerSprite in the picture - is sea colored!

Mainly the green of the ocean waters, sometimes, when the light is just right, an aqua color and turquoise and a little lavender and violet is seen in the shadowy seas too, and these colors are reflected in the Mers themselves!

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