Mer Fairies

Mer Fairies


Fairies live in the woods, don't they?

Woods Fairy

Yes! The land type of Fairy does!

And what would fairies have to do with the Mers?

Just this - MerFairies are the very tiniest of the types of Mers!

So delicate. So tiny, that they appear like little insects, hovering just above the waves where they live, hoisting themselves up with their tiny wings, like those o n flying fish!

They need the extra boost of those wings just to maneuver their way around the power of the ocean swells!

They buzz a little when they're flying, and create such delicate little splashes that sometimes, when you're in the surf, playing or swimming, you'll hear just the tiniest little sound, like a little splash, right behind you, perhaps, or to the side - guess what?

It's most likely a little MerFairy!

They often bob up out of the water to see just who that is playing around in their own waves, and, just as we're about to see them, they'll dive right into the surface of the sea, with just that tiny little splash, and sometimes we'll turn and get to see the last drop of water jump out as they jump in!

They're adorable!

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