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Mer Pixies ! Pixie Mermaids


Mer Pixies

PixieMermaids and PixieMermen


Properly called, as a group Mer Pixies, they're so cute, that we forget to take them seriously! The boys o nes especially get annoyed when we use the word "Mermaid" so often and forget that Merman also applies to all of the Mers, including to the Mer Pixies!

There are, besides the main body of human-looking Mers, more petite varieties of Mers, and some of these are called Mer Pixies!

These are a bit more delicate, and a tad more fairylike than the usual, larger 
Mers,( but they're not like the actual Mer Fairies either!) and their voices, although still entrancing, are more highly-pitched.

In fact, most of their movements, and their phraseology, and even their songs, are faster, as if someone had sped them up!

They love to tumble in the surf, and to kick up their tails in raucous play 
times, and their giggles sometimes can be heard above the roar of the ocean 
waves, if you just listen very, very intently!

PixieMermaids and PixieMermen are, like the larger-sized Mermen and Mermaids, fish!

Of course, they, like all the Mers in the sea, including even the MerDogs 
and the MerCats, as fish, and are completely compassionate! 

They eat o nly kind food, like plants and seeds and fruits and nuts, and they, 
like the kind humans are vegans!

The Pixie Mers are an adorable group, and we love to talk to them, as we are 
very privileged to do o n occasion, and to keep abreast of how and what the 
MerPixies are up to!

There are other differences among the Mers, and other varieties, as we will 
find out about as we go along with MythMermaid o n her story adventures under the Seas!

For More o n the Mer Pixies go here to Mer Pixies More

And keep swimming in for more on the precious Mer Pixies and their fascinating and fun adventures under the Sea !

Mer Pixies !
More on Mer Pixies !

Mer Pixies are adorable!
They're sort of like Mer Fairies !
and sort of like Mer Sprites and believe me, we have a lot more coming on them too,
But they're, just as the regular Mers are, different!
Yes, just as humans come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes, so too do the Mers!

The little Mer Pixie above is named Mera, and she'll be one of our guides through the Seas of the Mer Pixies!

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Mer Fairies !

Mer Sprites

The Mers, c.2005, EMermaid,Inc., OceanTM, All Rights Reserved.
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