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True Princesses and True Princes

prince-charles.jpg Prince Charles At The Wheel

True Princes and True Princesses

There is only one true Prince in the world we know of who truly embodies what we know is wonderfulness - England's Prince Charles, Heri to the British Throne.

He loves the planet, all it's people and places, and is very kind to animals too.

Prince Charles has single-handedly asssted in finding Green ways to help the regions where his own reign extends today, and he is well-loved by his people.

Other than Prince Charles, we find our EcoHeroes and EcoHeroines among the royalty in the Animal Protection activites across the globe!

And other types of Princes and Princesses ?- Royals ? -We all grow up o n them. Boys and girls alike. 

Fairytales. Storybook princes and princesses.

We all wish our tresses were long, if girls, and we were honored and feted, 
given quests to fulfill, huge destinies, whether girls or boys.

Today, thankfully, the o nly royalty born are o nly figureheads, symbols of 
lost tyrannies and past despots who used to lord it over the helpless peasantry in feudal, rural systems.

Today, the real royalty is to be found among those who take up their mandates, who realize their true destinies in deciding to help save the world.

On Animal Planet Channel on cable tv, we see examples of 
these animal heroes and heroines every day.

Some, like the beautiful princess, like the o ne who left her big-city job 
as an attorney to found a sanctuary for orphaned rhinos, have followed their 
hearts after having first pursued jobs and lives which were probably foisted 
upon them, atop their own true dreams, by well-intentioned parents and school systems.

Others have had such a strong allegiance to their own souls’ voices 
that they’ve announced to the world almost at birth that they were born 
in order to save the very most helpless of our planet – the animals.

While everyone of these heroes hopes to save the entire world, most apply 
the rules of practicality and save o ne or a handful of species from the cruel, 
the selfish sectors of our societies who place their own greed and savage 
desire for dominance above the laws of our religions, above the needs of nature, and above the voices of their own souls.

Everyone knows that all animals feel. That they communicate and dream and 
hope just like we do. That we, too, are animals, that o nly a miniscule and 
faint trail of a few particles of DNA separate us from all the rest, and o nly 
then, thus, in the minds of those who would like to distance themselves from 
the other animals in order to exploit them, like slaves.

We all know right from wrong. We know that the right thing to do is to help 
any helpless being.

More and more of us, of the members of our own specie,can grow up to become true princes and princesses.

Some of these heroic people look like those drawn in long-ago storybooks. 
Some have long tresses and have willowy frames, but they all look better than the average human.

They’re alive with the incandescent glow of Godliness, of goodness, 
of the satisfaction of making our world a better place.

They all have the healthy tans of outdoorsiness. Their faces, their skin 
look younger than their other contemporaries, leading dreary lives of self-serving ordinariness.

The true secret of both beauty and goodness, of healthiness and soulfulness, 
is service to the helpless.

All the systems of religion, all the legends, all the storybooks, tell us 
of goodness, of being true to our own souls.

More and more of we humans are heeding the call of all creation to combine 
and to do what makes us most happy, most healthy, most lovely – to help 
the animals, to help the unwanted children, the cast-out adults, the needy, 
the beleaguered planet.

To help is to heal. To give is to live.

To thrive, know that we are all one. Not o nly are all humans one specie, 
one race, but all of us, all living creatures, are one.

The differences in all animals are so minor, the functions of our bodies 
so similar, that only someone outright lying to himself would consider that 
there was much variation at all.

We are all one family. We should be just as proud to be related to a rhino, 
to a fish, to a salamander to goat or chicken as we are to be related to each 
other. We’re all o ne.

Let’s drop the pretense of borders around ourselves and all pitch in 
to save our animals, our needy, our habitats, our entire planet, in every 
way we can, from recycling to buying o nly compassionate products, from going eco to being vegan, from helping to save o ne lost dog to finding a way to create your own foundation and saving an entire specie.

Become a real prince or princess today !

Live long and prosper. Love.









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