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Myth Mermaid

EcoMermaid is pleased to announce that Book Mermaid, the author of Story Mermaid, Myth Mermaid, FairyTale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of literature and drawings, has signed a contract with a publisher and that her books will be appearing very soon !

Of course, we post synopses of her writings, and as such we’ve only had a glimpse of her intricate world of writings, so get ready for the fascinating sagas that her creative mer-mind leads us to ! She has assured us that she will continue to work with EcoMermaid, and to showcase her lovely writings and drawings with us in the future, since she believes in all the things EcoMermaid stands for. After all, it’s the best mermaid site on the net !

Please remember that everything o n our site is copyrighted – plots, characters, drawings, logos, writings, and ideas, and are protected by law.

You’re now in Myth Mermaid’s Undersea Grotto, where myths of the 
ancients still swim, where Mermaid Tales are carved on the underwater caves, and where MythMermaid shares her deep knowledge of these legends that still color our world today.


From the logos on major corporations to the ads o n TV, from the long trails leading from today’s stories back to yesterday’s religions, knowing 
about myths enriches your life and your understanding of the world.

To kindle your interest in these stories of old, Myth Mermaid will lead you through a labyrinth of discovery, turning leaves back to the distant past, when our ancestors used to sit around campfires and tell tales they’d heard or invent new o nes. The best were handed down all the way to us !

 And we can learn from these exciting mythologies of different cultures, too. Some myths are found in various versions scattered all through history and the continents.

 These myths in common are related because of some deep need in the soul – according to ingenius psychological pioneers like Carl Jung, they stand for archetypes and somehow exist in the very genetic code of all human beings. 

Just as we study other species of animals, so do the Mermaids and Mermen of the seas. They find us interesting specimens, entertaining, and – although they cannot understand the disregard of too many of us for the environment and especially the cruel ways of some people, they have an odd affection for the nice ones of us. They hope to enlighten us in order to combine with us and to save the world, in fact, so it’s vital for the FinFolk to get to know more about us.

This is why they have specialists on human beings – even specialists like Myth Mermaid who study about our mythic histories.

And - Myth Mermaid is a confidante of The Mermaid of The Mermaid Blog, so, when researching her insightful posts transmitted to Ocean, a human, in order that The Mermaid can share the ideas, histories, and wishes to humans, sometimes The Mermaid consults her, just to make sure her information is historically accurate.


Myth Mermaid has – along with all the other Mermaids and Mermen at EcoMermaid, agreed to share her findings with us through a series of articles and stories, so keep swimming back and find out more!

The way we all communicate with the undersea members of the EcoMermaid staff is another story, and will be revealed by our own StoryMermaid later on this year, so swim back through all the Mermaid Seas of EcoMermaid often ! We know we'll learn a lot about the mythic realms, and hear lots of great stories, plus find out how these stories got that way !

Sometimes the point of view of another entirely can be much more accurate – and, interesting ! And the members of our MerFamily see from an underwaterangle, after all !

Myth Mermaid's Myths

Humpback Whales Enjoying a Nice, Sunshiny Day and a Big Group Sing ! We Can't See the Mers who are joining in with them, but they're there !

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