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Mer Cows and Mer Bulls

MerCows and MerBulls

Bulls in the oceans ?

Poseidon, as with 
horses, created bulls and presumably, cows, heifers.

As beauteous creations, they're almost unsurpassed.

To tell someone she's got cow eyes is still a great compliment and one 
handed down through countless millennia unaltered.

The moon is always associated with the sea, and the moon, also with cows and bulls.

Their crescent-shaped horns and their gorgeous sweetness and serenity ever 
will align them with the properties of deities.

Think of them - how very beautiful they are in their pure masculine 
essence. How very confidant and self-complete. So regal, so powerful, they 
could o nly be seen in ancient times as having been brought from the sea itself.

Think of the curve of a bull's neck. Of the rounded, handsome forehead, 
of the lovely proportions of his body. A baby bullock is probably the most 
beautiful being o
n earth.

Among many ancient cultures, bulls were worshipped as deities. It�s 
easy to think of bulls, their heads held low, their curving faces and prancing 
forelegs pawing at the waves as Poseidon's darlings.

Cows and Bulls are always Beautiful! And intelligent and curious and interested and interesting !So no wonder the Sea God loves them!

Also, as goddesses like Hathor, the lovely cow goddesses are always associated with love and beauty and with the sea - and of course, with the lunar body.

And the term, sea cow, usually, we know, points to manatees, and aren't 
manatees always associated also with mermaids ?

Yes, the ocean realm holds many entrancing myths and ever reminds us of it's
 power - and of it's beauty.

The sea, cradle of life and original home to every being on this planet, including us, forever reminds us that we are one. The very symbol of oneness, even the atmosphere is called the sea of air.

Remember that cows are beings just like us. They think, feel, love, protect, 
and want all the things we do like freedom, kindness, a chance to show their 
devotion. They wonder why we don't understand them, I'm sure, 
when they're treated the way none of them would ever treat us.

Consider veganism. Visit Veganize. Visit the links below and find out not 
only why cruelty to cows hurts them, but it also hurts the bodies of those 
who eat them or drink milk.

Remember, real Mermaids and Mermen are vegans, whether in the wet sea or the air sea.

Compassion is their essence.

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