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Sweet Mermaid

Sweet Mermaid

EcoMermaid is pleased to announce that Book Mermaid, the author of Story Mermaid, Myth Mermaid, FairyTale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of literature and drawings, has signed a contract with a publisher and that her books will be appearing very soon !

Of course, we post synopses of her writings, and as such we’ve only had a glimpse of her intricate world of writings, so get ready for the fascinating sagas that her creative mer-mind leads us to ! She has assured us that she will continue to work with EcoMermaid, and to showcase her lovely writings and drawings with us in the future, since she believes in all the things EcoMermaid stands for. After all, it’s the best mermaid site on the net !

Please remember that everything on our site is copyrighted – plots, characters, drawings, logos, writings, and ideas, and are protected by law.

You’ve Swum into the Sweet Mermaid’s Lagoon – where the sweet 
mermaid tales are !

Sweet Mermaid will share stories about the sweet varieties of mermaids, and 
info  n the history of the species.

The sweetest of all the mermaids is Kuan Yin, the Ocean of Compassion of 
the Far East personified by a very sweet-faced Goddess.

Our own Sweet Sea Goddess is the Mother of God, Mary. We at EcoMermaid want 
to make it clear that we do not take anyone’s religious beliefs lightly, 
we just seek to understand all religions, their origins, and to emphasize 
their similarities and especially, their true applications and intentions 
of compassion.‘Mar’ or ‘ mer’, meaning ‘sea’, is a 
part of the names of many ancient deities, and in other languages, words and 
symbols meaning ‘sea’ are omniprevalent. And why not ?

in other articles – see Queens of the Waves - we’ve seen how the moon has 
traditionally been associated with both the sea and with all females, and 
how the moods, the phases, of the moon have been associated often with the 
three distinct ages of the lives of women – pre-menstruation, menstruation, 
and post-menstruation seen as the waxing, the full, and the waning lunar phases.

Associating ourselves with nature is, well, natural, since we are animals, 
and as such, are biologic beings just like algae, just like whales, made up 
of whirling particles of energy and matter, just like the stars themselves 
and as subject to the cosmic laws and the planetary systems as are all other 
life forms, although in our dentials and fears, we seek to escape these facts 
in our modern world.

Our world and cultures – some of them – have become so divorced 
from our sources, that the so-called spiritual institutions have degenerated 
into only apologistic and defensive walls damming up reasons to fend only 
for the basest of human appetites.

They spew out war rhetoric in the name of the Prince of Peace. They grow 
fundamental in their hidden racism and tribalism and refuse to see the truths 
surrounding them.

We at EcoMermaid seek to Clarifize and to find solutions. To tears away the 
dogma and to find our original connection to the real Great Spirit, the Holy 
Spirit, the All that lies beneath the tangled webs of lies and mis-translations 
holding the souls of most of society prisoner.

We hope to heal the rifts between nations, within them, and to promote peace 
not o nly among peoples and individuals, but between mankind and nature.

Our perception of our planet is more appropro – that she, the Planet, 
Sea, is young – we are a young planet- fragile, vulnerable, and in trouble. 
She’s seen as a mermaid, of course, since our planet is almost 80% water.

Much of the warfare of men against her, our planet and all of nature, stems 
from the old Mother Nature idea of a mother or grandmother being whose children 
we all are, who can whip up a frenzy of forces against us and against whom 
all (especially men), have psychologically felt a need to subdue, to break 
away from, and to vanquish in aggressive combat.

Bringing down the planet, in fact, is a suicidal act.

Since in most of our long cultural traditions the land at least, and the whole 
planet, is ever associated with the female element, then we want to make it 
clear that she’s a beautiful young thing, and far from being fierce, 
is ailing, weak, and needs to bring out the protectiveness inherent in the 
masculine spirit too. Instead of hunting – ( o ne of the fathers of o ne 
of our EcoMermaid staff had been a hunter in his youth and when he’d 
grown into an eighteen-year-old, he’d noticed how few wild animals there 
are left in the woods, how helpless, cornered, desperate they are, and he’d 
recognized that hunting in the 21st century is therefore an unmanly act.)- 
instead of that cruel act, we want to inspire the newer generations to adopt 
a caring and husbanding attitude toward all of nature.

To know that our planet is a Sweet Mermaid, a beauteous kind of female, the 
kind associated with Aphrodite in beauty, with Mary in kindness, and with 
a tender-aged pre-teen in age, is closer to the truth.

Sweet Mermaid has not o nly planetary updates o n the UltimateMermaid, our Planet,Sea
but has a wondrous assortment of mermaid tales to share with us about – 
of course – sweet mermaids and their deeds !

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