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Fairytale Mermaid

Fairytale Mermaid

EcoMermaid is pleased to announce that Book Mermaid, Ocean, the author of Story Mermaid, Myth Mermaid, Fairytale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of literature and drawings, has signed a contract with a publisher and that her books will be appearing very soon !

Of course, we post synopses of her writings, and as such we’ve only had a glimpse of her intricate world of writings, so get ready for the fascinating sagas that her creative mer-mind leads us to ! She has assured us that she will continue to work with EcoMermaid, and to showcase her lovely writings and drawings with us in the future, since she believes in all the things EcoMermaid stands for. After all, it’s the best mermaid site on the net !

Please remember that everything on our site is copyrighted – plots, characters, drawings, logos, writings, and ideas, and are protected by law.

We all love fairytales !

Everyone grew up,with fairytales, whether in the Kalahari around a cozy campfire, or snuggled up against a Grandpa in a rocker in Cincinnati, or inside a warm, candle-lit igloo.

But does this differentiate humans from all our other brother species of animals?

Most certainly not.

A big 'if' exists though, to most people, and this too may fall by the wayside 
as we seek to understand the language of the whales, who might very well 
spin tales of historical giants and diminuiive whale chicks among their long and distant communications.

Think about it.

Just like :

Many other animals use tools.

Many others use aggression against members of their own species, a hallmark of mankind we’d like to change.

So, too,communicating is a given in every other specie among other members of that same specie, and interspecially, too.

Maybe all those frog croaks and whistles and thuds and tapping sounds are 
communicating stories of days of old.

Maybe that haunted look in thelittle babies of all species who’ve been 
deprived of the contact with their own societies stems from the lack of handed-down culture as well as from the need for physical closeness and caring.

Maybe those lullabies and fairytales we love are in fact universal to all 
species - although, of coures, with different themes of interest to each group.

We know one thing, though, it’s stupid to assume anything.

It’s also egocentric to attempt to isolate our specie from the whole 
group of animals.

Most likely manatees hold their little o nes under a fin and croon stories 
they’ve heard from their own mamas, and mama bears groan little nursery 
rhymes to theirs, just as most obviously the birds do to their little birdlings.

Growing up does not diminish our love of fantasy, and of our interest in mermaids, angels, and fairies. Of dragons and quests and sea monsters and princes and princesses either.

Why should it?

The essence of entertainment and contentment is found in exercising the mind. 
A mind at play is a beautiful and creative thing.

So, stretch your own imagination and see beyond the borders of the mundane with us.

We’re adding stories and sections all the time, so swim often to FairyTale Mermaid !

For Marvelous Tales

Of Whales and Fairytales

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