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Food of the Angels

The Food of the Angels!

In all the ancient systems, the Gods – and, of course, Angels !-were 
able to indulge in whatever they wished, and since fruits are the absolutely 
most fabulous food o n Earth, the Gods naturally ate fruit and drank nectar 
made of fruit and of flowers.

The other fact that we know is that the Gods, of course, did not want to partake of flesh, cruelty food, not o nly because it’s completely repulsive to 
eat dead bodies, but because it would have put them into the class of Evil 
Gods that head the Dark Paths.

Naturally, Angels are Divine, and good Gods are good, compassionate, and, 
while frisky in their romantic endeavors and even jealous at times and a bit 
frivolous, the good Gods would never have participated or condoned bloody 
murder of innocent beings.

The fact that blood foods now are – as with the Gods of long ago – 
not at all necessary for people of today, who can easily obtain plant-based 
foods and can get complete nutrition that way, as we all know now – 
and obtain optimal health, in fact, the way we were meant to eat by the design 
of our bodies – puts us in the position of choosing to either be bad 
or good.

If we choose to be good, beautiful, kind, healthy, to live long, and to be 
happy, we’ll choose compassionate food.
If not, then, well – you know about the “wages of sin”, 
don’t you?

And now we know how cruel these murder foods really are.
We have the choice now to be kind.
Be kind.
Eat o nly Angels’ Food which is Compassionate, Vegan food!
Go vegan today!

Be an Angel!
Go Vegan!


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