More You Should Know About Milk and Dairy

More on Milk

I had researched this all carefully since I know that vegetarians want to be kind.
I called mom and pop farms, even in Amish areas.
I spoke to many who told me this - all females who give milk must be periodically made to bear a new child in order to continue giving milk.
The baby if she is female goes into milk production, if he is a boy baby, though, he is sent to veal creates, or slaughtered, usually after having been torn away from his mommy, both crying, and he'll be thrown into an arena where meat buyers will pay only a few dollars for his precious infant life. They use hooks to throw them into the circle.
The ones in this process of cruelty are cruel people.

There are bid on there by the veal crate people or by other cruelty industry representatives.

Whatever happens to them is horrific and almost inconceivably cruel.
Therefore, from any ethical or compassionate view, drinking milk from any mammal is wrong.

From a health standpoint for humans it is also very wrong.
We have far too much protein and calcium for our bodies to deal with already from the average diet.
Switching to a Compassionate, plant - based diet is wonderful from many angles.

Milk causes phlegm to build up in the entire system, and coats the walls of the intestines creating a glue-like film that hardens over time, smothering the walls of the intestines and preventing them from absorbing nutrients. It also causes a perfect growing medium for harmful bacteria and parasites and molds that actually form roots and attach to the outside of the intestinal walls and send out spores along with the parasite eggs to clog the bloodstream.

Milk is only meant for the infant of the cow or goat or sheep. 

It causes huge growth and dumps enormous loads of fat and other unneeded materials into the body of a human who might ingest it, like hormones which are a very dangerous factor for women, as fat in the breast tends to collect both excess hormones and other toxins.

Dairy plays a major role in human obesity and sadly, in child and now even in baby obesity in America especially.

Did you know that hamburgers are made mainly from dairy cows that have been cruelly thrown out after their milking days are through? No green pastures for them ever. No thankfulness for their service, for having had their many children torn from their sides, from having their udders constantly bleeding and infected from the continual clamping on of heavy, metal milking machine apperati, and from their hooves having been splayed out on cold concrete floors, due to their huge, overblown sizes from the hormonal additives that cause their bulks to be too large for their feet – their feet that were designed to walk not on concrete, but on soft ground.

They – the dairy cows – lead miserable, painful lives.

They are major Mother figures, and we owe them much more than this in life.

Rescue a dairy cow and her baby today – buy only rice or soy milk and leave her and her baby alone.