We all love to have friends, and especially those with whom we have lots in common.
We at EcoMermaid especially love to meet people who like saving the world. This makes them caring people, and caring people are interesting people.
Interesting people are also fun people, and great pals, so feel free to post your information here, and meet the coolest people o n the planet!
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EcoMermen like to date EcoMermaids, and visa-versa and MerPals like to be friends with other Eco-Minded people!
They have something huge in common, something which unites them perhaps more than any other factor -they care.

They care about the world, about our planet and all life o n it. They, as caring individuals, make great dates. They have lots to talk about, are interested in the world, and enjoy life, because they do things which make them feel good about themselves!
Feel free to post your information o n this area of EcoMermaid and also at EcoMates.
And for friends, post at MerPals !

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