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Princess Mermaid

Princess Mermaid

Eco Magazine is pleased to announce that Ocean, Our Spokesperson and the author - well, the one The Mermaid Transmits to, as Book Mermaid, the author of Story Mermaid, Myth Mermaid, FairyTale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of literature and drawings, myths and legends,  has signed a contract with a publisher and that her books, stories, tales, poetry, and artwork are available NOW !

Of course, we post synopses of her writings, and as such we've only had a glimpse of her intricate world of writings, so get ready for the fascinating sagas that her creative mer-mind leads us to ! She has assured us that she will continue to work with Eco Magazine and with other compassionate websites, and to showcase her lovely writings and drawings with us in the future, since she believes in all the things our Eco Mermaid stands for. After all, it's the best mermaid site on the net !

Please remember that everything on our site is copyrighted - plots, characters, drawings, logos, writings, and ideas, and are protected by law.

The Mermaid Princess, Princess Mermaid

by Ocean

Although in current mermaid societies, the idea of royalty is as passe' 
as it is to us who live on dry lands, there was a time, long, long ago, among the MerNation 
of the Planet Sea, when the mermaids and mermen had decided that it was a 
nice idea to have a Royal Family of Mer. We, too, the humans, have also had a history of comparably uncivilized ways of being.

So, in order to elect the right two families - for there had to be 
two, in order that they might one day have a Princess Mermaid and a Prince Merman 
to be her consort - or visa-versa, for there is no prejudice or sexism 

among the MerNation - and there never was !

So, one day, it was voted on by the entire populations of Mers of the waters of the world, and then they painstakingly collected the votes.


There were two families who were made up of very nice people, for among the 
tailed people, the word "people" applies to members of all species and is not at all applied narrowly as do the land-lubbers, who
think it only applies to them - who won most of the votes.


From then on, or until the time when they had progressed, as we have, to 
understand that royalty is not needed for free people, they would have two 
MerKings and two MerQueens.


On the day that one of their many thousands of offspring of either sex would 
meet, naturally, would both fall in love with the other, and would both exhibit 
regal behavior and bearing and soulfulness, these two - the Mermaid Princess 
and the Merman Prince, 

Would become the reigning pair and would live in a beautiful Coral Castle 
under the sea !


This Mermaid Princess, named Aqua Dulci, had long, flowing dark brown hair 
and lovely deep-tan complexion. Her eyes were very dark brown, almost black, 
and her smile was said to melt anyone who was fortunate enough to see her. 


She was adored by all the Merpeople, for her kindness and generosity, and 
they knew one day she'd be approached by just the right Merman Prince, 
once she was grown up, and they'd then assuredly fall in love.


As the years went by, Agua was more and more accomplished, and her diplomacy was known throughout the realm.


They all knew her soul, since � like all mermaids and mermen � 
she was compassionate to all fellow beings, but especially so, and she counted 
among her closest friends many porpoises, sea turtles, tiny fish, eels, and 
sea serpents. She was an especial favorite of the squids, and they used to 
frolic around her and squirt water o n her as they�d dance in a revelry 
of underwater joy !


For of course, merpeople are kind to all other animals and o nly eat plants, 
so all the sea inhabitants feel safe and happy around all mermaids and mermen, 
and they are all like o ne big, happy family.


But there are unkind beings in the world � the humans � and they 
do and did all kinds of things that would make the merpeople sad.


Agua, the future PrincessMermaid, determined to find a way to help everyone 
she could.


For instance, she would too often find unfortunates entangled in the horrible 
webs - nets, the earthlings call it - and often the smallest and most helpless of the Sea's marvelous beings, like loveable crabs and lobsters and little fish! Unthinkable! Naturally, the Mers would - and still do, of course,  hurridly untie 
them and set them free!

So often, Agua would ponder what made the earth people the way they are - 
so cruel, so selfish - and she could never understand why.

That quality alone had set her apart from her comrades � the quality 
of yearning to understand � to want to know more and more than that 
� to determine to change the world for the better and to enlighten those 
above the sea level o ne day.

This made her a TruePrincess !

Swim down again soon to find out how Agua meets and marries her TruePrince !

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