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Hot Mermen - It's Hot To Be Vegan !

Hot Mermen

Why should Mermaids get all the attention?

Just because the sea girls get noticed more - or is it that, like their landed cousins, they tend to be more verbal? - does not mean that there is not an equally numbered and an even more powerful array of sea boys that need to be heard from in our investigations into the Mers o n Mythize.

We're here to redress the imbalances and to tell what we know about the Mermen!

So many myths have inundated the lore of every culture o n the planet about the wiles and woes brought upon man by the sea maidens, and yet the lure and enchantment of the sea boys was equally and in most cultures, even more potent to the daughters of land men.

Often, as with bad boys everywhere, since shape-shifting was among their arsenal of magical powers, and also as sea maidens would often do, they would delight in, Halloween style, appearing to land mortals in the scariest of disguises they could imagine.

In the rebellious air of humorous pranks, their normally gorgeous exteriors would appear instead as evil old men or as even grotesquely monstrous beings with foul tempers and loud voices to match.

Often, their lack of finesse, manners, or patience would force them to demand the handing over of a maiden they'd noticed from her father and the parents would have no choice in the matter.

Never knowing if their daughter would drown instantly or would be held in a spell making her able to breathe underwater, or if they'd ever see or hear from her again, still they would be compelled to give him the object of his capricious desire.

Powerfully built, svelte, beautiful men, as are the Olympic swimmers of our era, Mermen were always a temptation to the fair sex of land beings, and many admonitions exist that warn women to stay away from the shore lest they be seduced and taken by a fish-man of the sea, or from rivers and springs or brooks, where Mermen also lived as did Mermaids.

Although the myths change a bit from society to society, the dreaded aspect remains the same - the Mers have all the power in these situations, and they are not to be turned down.

That much is clear.

The other aspects - the unknown future of a being so desired by a Mer - remain a mystery to this day, and we must consult the o nse among the EcoMermaids and the EcoMermen who have had personal contact with the Mers to find out more.

Do you want to know what makes Hot Guys Hot?
Yes, counter to what the media would have you believe in its' quest to sell products to the stupid among us, the traditional male traits of protectiveness, of caring, and of concern for the helpless, the weaker, and the less fortunate is the greatest turn-on of all.

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Sultry Soy Boys

Vote for Joe Simon Joe, 21, lives in Memphis, Tennessee. A New Orleans native, Joe now attends the University of Memphis. An active weight-lifter and long-distance runner and swimmer, Joe�who plans to become a Marine Corps Officer after graduating�often introduces his fraternity brothers to delicious vegan meals and has convinced o ne to go vegetarian. Joe is active for animals o n campus, promoting a vegetarian diet through Facebook (his group is �GO VEG�), and he and his friends frequently come to the aid of chained dogs. Joe says that he finds vegetarian women to be sexier, and not just because they tend to be more compassionate or slimmer�he thinks they smell better too. Guess what, Joe? A recent scientific report published by the National Institutes of Health confirmed that vegetarians do actually smell better than meat-eaters.

And Guess What again?
Vegans smell way better even than Vegetarians! It's a scientific fact!